Last Chance! Give Feedback To NICE Regarding Chronic Pain Guidelines

This is your last chance to give your feedback using the comments form on the NICE website regarding the upcoming chronic pain guidelines that doctors will use for prescribing medication and treatment for chronic pain.
You have until 5pm Monday 14th September 2020 to fill it in so do it now.

These guidelines remove ALL painkillers (including all opioids) and most other medications as a method of treatment for chronic pain, and replaces treatment with CBT, mindfulness, exercise and some anti-depressants which don’t work for most!
Imagine being told “here is a CBT class for your chronic pain”… that is what we will be seeing in the near future. No painkillers!

Here is my original article, and here is my guide on how to fill in the comments form which is simple to do even if at first glance it may not seem it!
It doesn’t take long at all and with my guide it will make it even quicker!

Anyone can give them feedback but time is running out. If you are worried about the guidelines, need your painkillers such as opioids for your chronic pain or are reading the guidelines scared, then please DO fill the comments form out. We need your help!
By just hoping others will do it, you are reducing our chances of getting these guidelines changed as they read all comments.

There is a petition going around which is taking signatures from people who are against the guidelines, but please be aware that NICE won’t bother to read that! It has almost twenty thousand signatures, but they are very unlikely to even read it as they follow a process, and the process using comments to make changes, not reading external petitions and sites.
I filled it in too and everything like that is good, but it really is unlikely to do a thing, so please even if you filled that in, fill in the comments form!
The feedback form is THE thing to do if you are unhappy with the guidelines.

Open my guide and follow the steps and you can be giving your feedback to NICE before the deadline of 5pm on Monday 14th September.

Please do it asap as time is running out and these guidelines will be ruling our life for years to come!

1 thought on “Last Chance! Give Feedback To NICE Regarding Chronic Pain Guidelines”

  1. I wrote a post on this a few days ago. I can’t even start to tell you how fu***** annoyed & angry I am with it all!
    Form already completed, thank you for sharing it and urging others to complete.

    Caz xx


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