Why Chronic Pain Plus Chronic Fatigue And Not Fibromyalgia?

Why Chronic Pain Plus Chronic Fatigue And Not Fibromyalgia

I initially wondered why I wasn’t diagnosed with Fibromyalgia seeing as I have chronic pain plus chronic fatigue, but there are some differences as to why it isn’t Fibromyalgia. I have suffered from severe pain for decades and only got a diagnosis in the last few years which was diagnosed as just “chronic pain” as … Read more

Every 60 Hours

Every 60 Hours

Currently trying my Fentanyl patches every 60 hours. In the past I tried every 48 hours which got rid of the withdrawal between patches, but left my temperature all over the place and I am more sleepy. Only had 2 patch changes so far at 60 hours, and as expected the withdrawal (chills and sweating … Read more

Government Support? What Support?!

Government Support What Support !

I thought I would go through that support I get from the government as I think some will be shocked because I know I am. I can’t work due to my disabilities and I claim PIP due to the severity of my chronic illnesses.I “don’t qualify” for Universal Credit nor ESA! I have checked on … Read more

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