Disability Map – Share With Your Local MP Candidates For General Election

Scope have made a disability map which uses the data you tell them, to put on a map so that local MP candidates can see where disabled people are and what is bothering them the most.

This is the local disability data map.
Put your postcode in and you will see what other disabled people are saying near you as well as statistics.

Use this form to send your issues to your local MP candidates.
Please fill this in as it will send whatever you want to know or what is bothering you most about the government and being disabled, direct to your local MP candidates.

Please do it as it is quick and easy and anything can help improve things for us.

Parties are NOT talk about disabled people. Both the Conservatives and Labour have revealed their manifestos and neither say anything about disabled people!
They just talk about getting people into work, which is what the Tories are currently trying as they started a PIP consultation, which is basically a way to find out how they can stop paying people PIP.

I live on PIP alone as you may know, so I am terrified as that is my only income and all I can get!

If you want something to address them about, my example is a good one as ESA needs changing.
They need to stop the requirement for 2 years NI contributions from work only in the 2 years prior to applying, as this is why I am in poverty and it is ridiculous.


I can’t get ESA because you need 2 years full National Insurance (NI), in the 2 years prior to applying for ESA.
I can’t work and I when I was working, I worked full time for as long as I could, then went part time as I couldn’t do full time anymore due to health. Then I couldn’t even do part time as I could collapse trying to get to the bus stop in agony. I then went casual before stopping totally.
I was never able to do enough hours to hit the requirement where you pay NI. So I can’t get ESA because I worked hard, but not enough hours…. how ridiculous is that?
I have enough NI credits, but only from years ago when I worked full time and from credits only ESA, but the NI contributions must be from work and in the 2 years prior to applying for ESA which is the opposite of what they told me multiple times.
So I get credits only ESA which is NI credits towards my pension only. No money.
In fact they told me I could use the NI credits from credits only ESA to get the money in future, but this was a lie! So they even lied to me. After 2 years I tried to get the money from ESA to be told that I can never get the money from ESA ever!
I can’t work ever again so I can’t ever get the required NI credits from work.
So I live on PIP alone which is £400 a month. I can’t get UC as I can’t afford rent anywhere at all, so I share a house where I just pay bills. No rent, no landlord. So I can’t leave even when I want to as it is here or the streets again where I can’t go with opioids such as fentanyl! I know for a fact how you get robbed doing that!

If you like my writing, please consider supporting me. All money goes on food and bills only.
I can’t afford any heating at all and have 1 meal a day which is a can of value baked beans.
I live on £400 a month as of April 2024 and it is not enough to live on.

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