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If you would like to support me and the site, there are numerous ways you can! Some free, some paid.
I greatly appreciate any help you can give. Your support helps me survive.

If you enjoy the content and want to help, it is greatly appreciated and helps me massively as I live in poverty.

My Income:

For total transparency, I get a little over £350 a month disability (PIP) and that is my only income as I cannot work.
I have to pay bills, food, heating, medication from my limited income which isn’t enough to live on.
I have around 50p a day for food and am starving all the time. Dreading October when energy prices go up a huge amount.

As of 2022, the cost of living crisis means I don’t even have this much for food and won’t have heating in winter for at least 2 years as it is too expensive!

I struggle severely on this little income and cannot get by without help. So I am asking for your help.

I put literally hundreds of hours into the website and I don’t earn anything from it.
I have only a few ads on the site which I only earn from if they are clicked.
So far I have earned at most 40p in the 3 years I have been running ads.
If you disable your adblocker you will see the very minimal ads I have such as one at the bottom of the side bar and one at the bottom of posts.

Ways to help:

Some are totally free others cost money, any support is incredibly appreciated!

Gift Me Groceries Via Gift Card

You can also buy me gift cards for the supermarkets I can use online.
Email them to [email protected]
They must be able to be used online as I can’t shop instore (egiftcard/digital).

(Donations are non-refundable!)

An easy way to help the site is to disable your ad-blocker and if you see any ads you like, click them to find out more and I earn a small amount.
I only have a few ads which support the site. If you see an ad that you like, click it and I get a small amount of revenue. The site has no means of income other than ads so this is appreciated if you see an ad you like. There are not many ads, one in the sidebar, one at the bottom of the homepage and one at the bottom of each post. This helps the site to keep going.

You can donate via Ko-fi using PayPal/Card right here on the site!

Donations are strictly non-refundable! Only donate if you agree to this term!

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