Jaw Still Bothering Me

The jaw excessive clicking I developed that is constant now and sometimes feels like my jaw has moved out of place and I have to click it back, is still bothering me after a few weeks. I was put on Nortriptyline but that does nothing.
I have a phone appointment with the doctor in 2 weeks so will mention it again as it is so annoying and suddenly started on Wednesday 17th July out of the blue.
I have always had clicking if I open my mouth wide but this is all the time now. Hope it goes.

As for my chronic pain, well I went down to 50mcg of Fentanyl for my back and I am still very tired but I think this is better for me than the 62mcg or 75mcg. I feel more “with it” and can concentrate more, as with higher doses I can’t concentrate much and just sit here in a daze. Least I can go up in future when 50mcg doesn’t work as well.

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