Now Have Bladder Issues To Add To The List Of Conditions

I now have developed bladder issues. Another thing to add to the list! And I have added to the list literally on my about me page which lists all my conditions and medicines.

I had many UTI’s over a few months last year. After that my bladder didn’t seem to fully recover. Time passed and it got worse although isn’t like a UTI now, just seems that it kind of awoke other issues with my bladder.
I told my doctor that I speak to every 3 weeks about it and the first time he ignored it and said that he doesn’t want me on even more medications and dropped it. Dreadful.
I mentioned it again and he told me to tell the nurse that I was seeing for my smear test as in his words “she can have a look and see if there is any irritation”…. I thought what the heck, she can’t see my bladder! He wrote it on my medical record notes too. I told her and said that I thought it was ridiculous him saying that and she agreed and said she can’t see a thing which I knew.
He also said that the UTI could have irritated my bladder. No it is not that at all! The UTI’s were last year! This is something else as well as the urge issues that never fully went but also new issues that would be impossible to be caused by a UTI from last year! This is the kind of ridiculous things this doctor says. Most times he says something that is absolutely wrong and sometimes so wrong that it is worrying that he is a doctor.
This is now the lead GP of the practice and the one I see every 3 weeks. He is the only one that ever prescribed me painkillers over decades of many doctors, so I am grateful to him but he is still not good!!

Who would ask a nurse to look why I have bladder issues when she doesn’t have a view of my bladder! Bizarre but again this is the bad things I experience all the time with my health.
They don’t diagnose and just ignore things you have wrong when you have lots wrong.
I have so many things wrong I think they just start to think they aren’t real or that they don’t care and only talk about the pain and none of the my other health issues.

I filled in a self referral to the bladder clinic but it says your GP has to be local which they aren’t as I live on a border of 2 counties and I only have a few in a radius that I can join. You can’t join any doctor you want, you have to live in a radius of it.
But because my doctor is in a different county, they refer local to them which is miles from me. If I get sent to their hospital it is a nightmare to get to. This time the local bladder clinic to them is so far away it might as well be another county over. I couldn’t get there if I wanted to, so I hope they take my referral at the local one!

Bladder issues aren’t great when you have mobility issues as I can’t get up quick.
Never thought a commode chair looks as appealing as it does now! Couldn’t afford one if I wanted one but if it gets worse, maybe need one!

I don’t need new health issues as I have so many already!

New conditions and now running out of my medical prescription cannabis for my chronic pain as I run out of product and crowdfund money this month. If you want to read more or want to help with my medical crowdfund for painkillers for severe chronic pain, you can read more on the blog post or the JustGiving page which has lots of info and added photos for proof of cost.
There is nothing else on the NHS as I have tried everything including the strongest painkiller available. This is why I desperately need your help as there is nothing else and this helps.
I can’t work and live on £300 a month so I can’t afford this whatsoever as I can’t get by as it is, let alone afford this.
Any help is appreciated, even a few pounds/dollars. You can donate from anywhere in the world too via JustGiving.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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