Cost Of Food And Energy Sky High But Disability Benefits The Same

As you know energy and food prices have risen massively for many things, yet people like myself who are disabled and can’t work get the same amount of money.

I still just get the same amount of money I have for multiple years (give or take a few pence as that is all it changes by a year) which is just over £300 a month from PIP my disability benefit. That is it!
There is energy bills, water bills, food, medication all required every single month.
My income from disability benefits is so small that it I am classed as being in poverty. Poverty!

I have 2 small meals. One small portion of cereal and uht milk for breakfast/lunch and for dinner, a small amount of warm food such as rice etc. The cost of that was always 55p-ish a day for food, but now that 55p doesn’t get as much and I don’t get any more money for food!
My 55p now covers just one meal and the prices are going up more, so more increases to come!

It isn’t enough to live on and I say constantly how I can’t afford anything on that little and now the cost of everything has gone up and living is now even harder!
When rent alone is more than what you get a month, you can see my problem. Which is why if I didn’t live here I would be homeless on the streets.

Price of things go up but I still get the same! Every year the benefit price changes slightly but is still roughly the same amount as I get just a few pence more a year. Every year my PIP (which is my only benefit as I can’t get any others) goes up around 0.2%-0.5% every year, so we barely get anymore money but the cost of everything else goes up much more!

The benefits doesn’t give as much as time passes, as the cost of living increases as they don’t increase the benefit as much as everything is going up in cost by. I literally get a few pence more a year when they send out the letters saying how much it will go up by. Pence not pounds!

Energy prices for me have gone up 60% and food prices have gone up 30% so far and there is apparently the worst yet to come!

The government doesn’t help us nor care about us.

Many of us have to choose heating OR food. We often can’t have both.
This isn’t how it should be! This is England, a supposed first world country but if you live here and are disabled, you would disagree! For us it isn’t like a first world country as we get treated like a second class citizen as it is!

We should get an annual increase that covers energy price and food increases. Otherwise, how are we supposed to survive? Many of us can’t work and lots of us are housebound which is why we are on these benefits to start with!

I can’t afford a normal amount of food as it is and the price increases are shocking! I only buy value or basics products and lots of those are no longer a thing or they too have gone up.
Gas and electric prices are through the roof too!
It is a choice we should never have to make. Heating or food.
We aren’t thought about by the government. They don’t care about us. You can see that by the dreadful things they do to us and the pittance they give us.

If I could protest, I would be outside number 10 with signs about disability benefits but I can’t and many can’t. We don’t get heard. We get ignored instead.

To the government; treat us the same as your rich friends instead of something you find on your shoe which is how we are currently treated.

It would be a choice of heating or food, but my boiler is broken so I have no heat whatsoever! If I ever get another (if there are free ones) then it will be heat or food which as my doctor told me, it is much too dangerous as it is to be in the cold with barely and food but it will be worse! No heating and barely and food for many months maybe years as I don’t have money!

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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