I Love Bed

I spend so much time in bed I sometimes wonder why I bother getting up. Bed is the only place I have minimal pain and I’d great when I feel fatigued or nauseous too. Love bed!

I come here numerous times in the daytime due to pain and fatigue, and come to bed early as I am tired very early.

I had to get a new mattress last year due to my old one being on its last legs. Before that I had a memory foam Silent night which was awful, much too soft and barely lasted a year! Would never have another from them! This one is a deep memory foam and is pretty firm and much better.

Bed is the only place I am even slightly comfy and in the least amount of pain. I still have the pain and wake up with pain but that’s just the chronic pain and not much I can do about that. Even so, it’s still the best place for me and the place I feel happiest as I am in the least pain when I’m here.

Did I already say that I love bed?

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