Can’t Get Comfortable

I am spending so much time in bed. I normally spend a lot there due to pain and fatigue, but now I am spending even more there just to get comfortable.

I have an incredibly uncomfortable living room chair which I spend most of my time in. Unfortunately it is making my pain worse as it is very uncomfortable even with using a bed pillow and a cushion on the chair.
I am having to go to bed after a short time sat in the chair as it is just so painful!

Even in bed I have lots of pain still but least I can spread out and it is better than sat here. I do find bed always better than any chair bit you can’t just sit in bed all the time really. I used to have to do as I was bed bound all the time due to my pain before the painkillers, but now I am still in lots of pain but least I get to sit in the living room and surf the internet or watch movies. In bed you can’t do most of that and you end up falling asleep more due to being bored plus the extra sleepiness of the chronic fatigue.

In fantasy world I would be happy in one room with with an adjustable bed and a table that fits over the bed for my laptop. Obviously that is just a dream and can’t happen as I would never have the money for one of those beds, nor the room anyway!

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