Hot And Cold!

I changed to putting my patch on every 48 hours after confirming with my doctor, and it seemed all good to start with but now I am sweating buckets and hot all the time BUT still getting chills too…

I am normally a cold person, I am cold below around 25c which as a brit means I am cold year round.
Now my body temperature is all over the place because of the patches I assume (could be other health issues but the doc would never do any tests).
I am fed up of being either boiling hot or freezing cold or even hot, sweating and still cold with chills which I have most days lately. Yes all 4 together!

Trying going back to every 72 hours instead to see what happens, but at this rate I will end up not being able to stay on Fentanyl or have to reduce again even though there is nothing else they can give me to help which is even what the doctor said last time “I might have to put up with it”. Umm no thanks! Not staying like this for life as that is how long I will be on the patches.

Such a joke when cannabis kills all pain for me, lift my depression, lets me walk around but I can’t get it on the NHS even though it was legalised medically last year! Only if I go private and pay hundreds a month which I don’t have as I a broke because of my health.

Basically the NHS is saying “here have this legal heroin that is harder than heroin to get off, doesn’t work fully for you and has lots of side effects! You can’t have cannabis as that is dangerous” (even though it’s harmless, never killed anyone ever, no side effects, no withdrawal and WORKS)
Utterly disgusting to be honest. I should be able to choose between a safe plant that works for me and horrible fentanyl which is just legal heroin! Disgusting!!!

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