Government Support? What Support?!

I thought I would go through that support I get from the government as I think some will be shocked because I know I am.

I can’t work due to my disabilities and I claim PIP due to the severity of my chronic illnesses.
I “don’t qualify” for Universal Credit nor ESA! I have checked on the government website as well as spoke to numerous advisors who all said the same.

So basically I am reliant totally on one benefit which is around just £300 a month, PLUS I have to pay for prescriptions!
You would think a disabled person who can barely walk, can’t stand long, can’t work and has to be on numerous medications for the rest of my life would at least get free prescriptions!?

I also have 70p a day for food due to the limited income and that is the limit. This allows me to have minimal food.

This is the only support I get which I honestly find quite shocking.

Also as I haven’t paid enough National Insurance credits due to the fact I cannot work, I won’t get a pension when I am older, plus you can’t get PIP at retirement age so basically I will be homeless and broke as a pensioner.
I even spoke to some advisors who confirmed that when I asked them. I said “so I won’t be able to get a pension so won’t get any money when I am old and therefore will end up homeless as a disabled pensioner” and she said “yes”, which I found incredibly upsetting.

This is a government that doesn’t care at all about disabled people.
They simply don’t care at all about me or I would not be put into this situation nor treated like this.

2 thoughts on “Government Support? What Support?!”

  1. Just found your blog after you answered a question I asked about chronic pain and cannabis on Quora. I have the same problems with government support in the USA. One point I am better off on is I get what they call medicaid and it does pay for my prescriptions.

    • Hi and thanks for dropping by!
      That’s good you have some way to get the prescriptions free.
      Nearest thing here is an annual prepayment certificate which means you pay once and get all prescriptions included (if only cannabis was one lol).
      Just a shame when I only get £300 a month I’m still forced to do even though I will never be healthy enough to work.


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