Dreadful Recurrent UTI’s

I seem to have never ending issues!
A few weeks ago I got a UTI that I told my doctor about after suffering for 5 days. He told me to wait longer which I did, but it got really bad where I couldn’t sleep well and I was peeing blood so have to call an out of hours doctor over the Easter weekend due to it’s severity.
I was surprised my doctor hadn’t given me antibiotics as I had told him at 5 days when it was already bad and I know they can get much worse if untreated if happening for more than a few days.

The out of hours doctor gave me Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin) 100mg for 7 days which he said I could stop at 3 days if it cleared up. I needed the full 7 days to get relief.

I thought yay it’s over now, but a few days after taking the 7 day course I could feel slight symptoms again. Fast forward to a few days later, about 6/7 days or so after feeling symptoms starting up again and they were a little worse although thankfully not as severe as they were last time.
I told my doctor when I spoke to him for my 3 weekly telephone appointment, and he said what I expected that it probably hadn’t cleared it fully and he has prescribed another 7 day course.

I started the course again and 4 days into it the symptoms had increased a lot to the point of being almost as severe as the first time, where I couldn’t sleep and constantly needed to pee.
I spoke to the doctor via a messaging service on website and he said to leave a urine sample. I arranged to get a container and left the sample with the nurse. I asked if I could have something else instead of the Nitrofurantoin seeing as it wasn’t working and it was getting worse (like the leaflet says, you should be changed onto something else) and he did prescribe a different one called Cephalexin to arrive in a few days from the pharmacy.
I called after 2 days to see if the results were back and got told no.
I called again today (first day after finishing the 7 day course) and was told the nurse had dipped a test stick into it as soon as I brought it in and there were no abnormalities so they didn’t send it off for testing.
How there could have been no abnormalities when I had a severe UTI I don’t know and surely as I had one at the time, they should have just sent it off seeing as the antibiotics may have interfered with the results, plus you can have a UTI and the dip stick be fine!

So here I am now. Symptoms milder than they were but not 100% gone. I have the other antibiotics which I can try, although now it is milder again I may hold off. Don’t want to use lots of antibiotics if I don’t need it, and at least I can use it if it comes back.
Have something called D-Mannose which is supposed to be good so I will try that for now.

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