Nothing For Chronic Fatigue While Post Covid Fatigue Gets £10 Million

I was incredibly angry to read that the NHS in the UK will be spending £10 million funding “long covid” clinics in every area for those that have fatigue after having COVID and even more money for National Institute for Health Research research, plus also they get different advice to those of us with CFS.
They also get told NOT to us graded exercise therapy (GET) which can do harm for people with chronic fatigue by causing even worse fatigue yet they still tell those of us with CFS to use it! Shows the care we get.

Whereas those of us with chronic fatigue (CFS), get no help at all, no research and still get given archaic advice such as harmful GET and dreadful CBT for CFS!
That is all we get. Sent on our way even though it ruins our lives and has for many of us like myself, for decades!!

Some other countries prescribe things like ADHD medication for CFS, but in the UK there is nothing and less than £1 is spent each year per person suffering from ME/CFS! That is horrific and a fact!

So all of us suffering for decades (around 30 years here) still get no help and people with fatigue after COVID get £10 million for clinics set up for in every area and more money for National Institute for Health Research research?

How is that fair? We are literally uncared for and forgotten with CFS!
Surely it would be better to put that into CFS which is what it is if it doesn’t go away! Long term fatigue.

Link to the article.

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