Please Sign And Share A Disability Benefit UK Government Petition

If you read my blog or Twitter, you will know that I can’t get ESA due to not having paid enough National Insurance Contributions due to having worked part time before being unable to work anymore, which was below the hours needed to pay NI contributions.

By pushing myself to work as long as I could, that penalised me by making it so I can’t get ESA!
I had worked less that the hours needed to pay NI contributions in the last years before my health deteriorated severely, so I don’t qualify for ESA which is the main disability benefit! This is absolutely ridiculous.
I now get just £300 a month as I can’t get ESA. I struggle severely every single day with money due to this.

I am trying to get signatures for the UK government petition to remove the requirement for NI contributions for ESA.

All disabled people who are unable to work have the right to an income like the everyone else! It shouldn’t just be certain disabled people that worked full time before stopping working! I worked as much as I could for as long as I could.

If you could sign it and share it on social media that would be great!
It takes just one minute to fill it in and seconds to share it and that will help a lot, so please help.
It needs a massive 10,000 signatures for them to read it so it needs a lot of signatures so please sign.

You need to be a UK citizen in order to sign, but anyone can share it.

Link to the petition

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