Autoimmune Conditions?

As you know I have severe chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I also have a septal perforation in my nose. I fought for over 3 years to get autoimmune tests after the nose perforation (after trying prior as well) and when I eventually got them it showed 4 positive autoimmune results.

What I figured out was that my pain and fatigue got severely and rapidly worse around the time of my perforated septum which is usually caused by autoimmune conditions.

I told my doctor this and said that they coincided so maybe this would help figure out which autoimmune condition I have, he said “I don’t know if it could be related, I reallot don’t know but it is interesting”…. and that was it.

With my positive autoimmune results, I have never been sent to an immunologist. He won’t do anything other than repeat every 3 months! I have 4 positive tests and won’t do a thing!

He even told me he knows nothing about autoimmune conditions yet just repeats the tests and that is it!

Surely I should be referred to an immunologist? I have chronic pain and chronic fatigue which I have had for decades but they both got so much worse after the perforated septum, to the point I was bedbound in pain so surely their could be a reason for this? Maybe this would help diagnose what the condition is!

I really do think the NHS is not very good for anything other than minor day to day conditions. Getting referred is impossible and if you do get lucky, you wait many years and they don’t do anything either as it all costs money they won’t spend.
The amount of referrals I have had are tiny and the doctors even say they don’t know about the conditions themselves, but won’t refer you as they don’t have the funds or won’t spend them on you.

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