Storm Spirit Vaporizer Review

As you know, I recently started with a medical cannabis prescription which is medically legal here in England, and as I have to vape it, that means I can try out some really great vaporizers!
I am not new to cannabis as I have many decades of experience with it. I am just new to medical cannabis on prescription in the UK.

I was sent the Storm Spirit which is a brilliant small vaporizer which will fit in a pocket or bag really easily!
It comes with some pads for concentrate, tweezers, packing tool, cleaning brush, chamber and mouthpiece screens and micro usb charging cable.

I was excited to use it and have been using it multiple times a day for a week so far. I love it so much and it works so well. The vapor is tasty and cooled down via the ceramic zirconia mouthpiece, even if you vape hot the vapor isn’t hot. Heats up very fast, is easy to use and small enough to be very discreet. This is one I recommend to anyone, especially those who don’t want to spend too much but want a decent vaporizer that will last. This is a high quality, well made device that works wonderfully and will last you years.

It is compact and discreet at 110mm x 35mm x 24mm, weighs 122g and fits into your hand perfectly. It is similar in size of a Pax vaporizer or similar. It is a really good price at £109 and similar devices are much more expensive, even double the price! This works just as well as those double the price.

It has a strong magnetic top and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece combo which clips on quickly and easily.
Add your flower or oil using a pad (provided) into the ceramic chamber, then pop the top back on, turn it on and in a few seconds you are set! Yes seconds is all it needs to heat up! Really quick.
The magnet holds the top on well and it doesn’t come off in your bag or pocket either! Really strong.

When the device gets to temperature it vibrates to tell you it is ready which I love.
The temperature options are 1c/f apart so you can set it to the temperature you exactly want! Find that perfect temperature for you and it will save it between sessions. You don’t have to keep trying to remember what that heat setting you like was as it will save it for you. I really love this feature as a lot just have a few options for temperature whilst this has any specific heat you want!

The battery turns itself off at 5 or 10 minutes. It is 5 by default but you can change that by pressing up and power together to change it to 10 minutes. You can also turn it off manually yourself. Battery should last up to 90 mins although I do find it doesn’t last that long so I do have to charge it at least once a day.

Another great feature is that you can change the battery if and when it dies with a regular 18650 battery, which means this vape will last you many years if you keep it clean and look after it. Saves buying a whole new device if the battery loses charge after some years and needs replacing. All you do is buy a new battery instead!

The vaporizer charges via micro usb pretty quickly, but I would recommend a second battery so that you always have a charged device waiting for you. 18650 batteries aren’t expensive so having a second means you will never be caught out with a flat battery. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been caught with a flat battery as the battery lasts up to 90 minutes, but if you are out and about and use the vape a lot, you might forget to charge so a cheap spare battery would be a great addition to your set up.

Each time you use the Spirit, it’s a easy draw on the mouthpiece, you don’t have to inhale hard at all, just a gentle draw on the mouthpiece and you can taste your tasty cannabis and enjoy the medicinal affects such as almost instant pain relief which is just a joy for me!

The ceramic mouthpiece leaves the vapor cooler so even though it is a short mouthpiece, the vapor is cooled down.

Make sure you keep it clean with some wipes or isopropyl alcohol which will keep it going for years to come if you look after it. I found inside the mouthpiece can get quite gunky, but if you keep it clean it won’t take as long to clean if you keep up to it.
I recommend getting isopropyl alcohol for cleaning if you are just used to wipes. Wipes are great but I do find having the liquid form means you can get into those corners and for soaking parts which I think is needed with this vaporizer. The mouthpiece and filters can get quite gunky so a soak in isopropyl alcohol really solves this.

The quality of the vaporiser is very high! The workmanship and features are what you get in double the price vaporisers. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a vaporiser that has the features and quality you want and a price that is amazing!

This is really a wonderful vaporizer. I highly recommend it to anyone either just starting to vape or already used to vaporizers as you will really love this one. Great features, high quality in a small device at a great price! If you wanted a cheaper one, this is the one for you. Features of double the price with a small price tag.
If you were thinking of getting one but didn’t know which to get or didn’t want to spend too much, this is the one for you.

You can buy it now at Vapefiend for £109. You can also purchase some accessories such as a glass mouthpiece, water mouthpiece, spare battery, spare screens and many others!
They also sell cleaning equipment which is something you should do frequently to keep the device working as well as it does from the beginning for many years to come! Get some in at the same time and you will be all set!

Disclaimer: I was gifted this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. The review is completely unbiased and is 100% my own honest opinion.

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