I Have A FAQ Covering The Most Asked Questions About Me

If you didn’t know already, I have a FAQ which answers all the questions I get asked the most. If you have any questions check this out as all the usual question and answers are there.

I have the page as it hurts and is very energy draining to type so if I can minimise what I type by having a FAQ, then that is brilliant for me. My blog posts I take days to write due to the pain and fatigue I have from typing.

I get asked the same questions so the FAQ saves me having to type it out again as it really is hard to type things out, plus I usually answer a lot of the same questions so after typing it out 30 times or so times, it gets repetitive, so it is much easier to give a link to a FAQ that answers their questions fully.

I always get asked why I can’t get ESA so that is answered in there along with all the other questions I get asked. I have spent a long time trying to get more than I can, but I can’t as I don’t qualify for more. Check the FAQ if you have any questions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me them on Twitter, I always reply to people. Just please make sure to check the FAQ first to see if it has already been answered as it really can save me pain and fatigue which is incredibly appreciated. Don’t feel bad asking anything either! I just want to make sure that everyone knows about the FAQ page as some people might not want to ask so at least they can see the answers to questions that they might have asked.
This way everyone can see questions and answers to anything you might have wanted to ask.

Check out the FAQ About Me page.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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  1. People never see the every day effects.there views /judgements very SNOTTY NOSED,, i have BOTH Bladder And Bowel Problems.not afraid to say/not afraid too talk about them .very bad migraines .i have BOTH M.E. And Fibromagyia


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