Cost Of Living Increasing Massively But Still Get The Same

Over the last year and especially over the last few months, prices of essentials has been rapidly increasing. Everything is getting more expensive in England. The majority of price increases have been due to Brexit and prices continue to climb every day.

Being chronically ill, disabled, housebound and unable to work, I only live on a single disability benefit which is PIP as I can’t get ESA or UC as you might know (about me page has more info).
I live on just over £300 a month and have for the last few years. The amount barely changes even though the cost of living increases. Once a year it slightly increases and gives me about 10p-30p more a year. That doesn’t remotely cover the cost of living which goes up every year!
Even every month lately things have been going up a little more each month but I don’t get anymore for it!

£300 a month is not enough to live on as it is, let alone the fact everything is going up in price!
I still have to pay for prescriptions, bills, food, etc. I don’t get any other discounts or freebies as you can read in this post.

Once I get enough NI credits which will be at least another year or two, then I might be able to get ESA which will give me a bit more to live on but I am nowhere near that yet!

Everything is going up massively. I see it when I buy my groceries and the majority of items have increased, some a little, some a lot. I have around 55p for food so I can’t buy expensive things, but now everything is getting expensive.

The government not care that someone who is chronically ill, disabled, housebound and unable to work lives on just £300, even though the price of living is going up massively. They don’t care and can’t help me.
I have contacted the DWP, my MP and parliament multiple times about my income but they can’t do anything. So I have been stuck like this for a long time and have a long time left being stuck like this.

You might think you don’t have a lot to live on, but you will have much more than my £300 a month!

I find it so unfair that I have to live in a country I hate on almost nothing. This country is run by Conservatives who sadly only care about the rich and themselves. They don’t care about the poor let alone the severely ill and disabled people.

What am I supposed to do when I only get £300 which isn’t enough to live on but also now have to deal with price increases on the things that are essential to me such as food… There isn’t anything I can do.

If I wasn’t here I would be homeless on the streets as I have no relatives. I couldn’t afford rent anywhere in the country!! Not even council flat rent!!

I can’t work, I can’t do crafts or anything that needs me to read, speak or use my hands as my chronic illnesses are severe. Very severe. Even just sitting in a chair is hard work.

This is my life and it is hard. Very hard.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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