A Plea To The UK Government From A Housebound Disabled Lady

This is a public appeal to the UK Government.

As energy prices and food prices shoot sky high, those of us who are disabled and unable to work are getting cheated by the government as we don’t get a penny more and even would have to pay back the money from the recently announced energy rebate. Repayable isn’t help! It is called a loan!
How are we supposed to pay it back when we don’t get anymore money? In fact how are we supposed to pay these high energy prices at all!? I know for a fact I can’t afford them. I can’t afford to live at all on the tiny amount I get a month in disability benefits! A tiny, little over £300 a month isn’t enough to live on let alone afford these high food and energy prices.

I am chronically ill, disabled and housebound. Only time I go out is for essential medical appointments that I can’t do over the phone. I get just over £300 a month total income from my disability benefit which is PIP.

I can’t get the money from ESA, (although I get the National Insurance from it) because I worked part time for years for as long as I could before stopping work. It was almost unbearable t work but I thought I would work for as long as I could rather than claiming benefits. That right there means I can’t get ESA. I am punished because I worked.
I didn’t work enough hours a week so I didn’t pay enough National Insurance (NI) so I can’t get ESA. That is the main disability benefit available and I can’t get it.
I applied for it and had to do all the medical assessments and forms just to get NI credits but I can’t get money because I worked part time. This is ridiculous but this is how this country seems to work.

I can’t get anymore money. Just PIP which alone is absolutely shocking that the government thinks that just over £300 a month is an ok amount to live on.

Why are we, the housebound disabled, forced to repay money that was supposed to help afford these high energy prices? We get the same amount of disability but energy and food prices are much higher now. This is even before the price goes up again. They are already too expensive after the last price rise!

Remember when Boris Johnson said that he thought that the Cabinet minister’s salary of £141,000 is not enough to live on. Try £3,600 a year! Now that is IMPOSSIBLE to live on but here I am, forced to live on so little. I know how hard it is as I have been forced to do it for years!

I can’t get warm home discount as I can’t get ESA, nor do I get free prescriptions nor any other benefit.
I get my PIP and that is it! Not a penny in other discounts or benefits as I can’t get any others!

I have no heating as my boiler broke in November. I haven’t had heat for months and it is 3c-7c inside every day. I am stuck in it as I am housebound.
I can’t afford a boiler and no ECO scheme was doing free boilers.
I have white hands and red fingers every day. It is painful typing this as my fingers hurt.
Even my doctor is worried!

The choice of heat or food is something that the rich and people who can work often never have to worry about, but the disabled are often ignored or forgotten about. Surely you should look into how much the disabled get and how much the price increase is, and realise that we shouldn’t have to pay you back!

Food prices today have been announced that they will rise again. My 55p a day for food already isn’t enough to live on and now that doesn’t even make 2 small meals like it did before. It is one now. I can’t live on on tiny meal a day!

Energy prices went up in October I think it was last year by 60% for me and now another 50% hike coming up and a possible another 20% increase in October too!

I don’t get anymore money other than my £300 pip. How am I supposed to afford this?

I already have no heating as my boiler is broken and I can’t afford to replace it so I sit inside 24/7 in 3c-7c indoor temperatures every day, struggling to cope.

The government only thinks about those who are rich and can work. Nothing about the disabled in poverty. We are forgotten and uncared for.

This public plea to the UK Government is from someone who is at the bottom with no money, unable to work and has the choice of heating or food normally (right no now heat at all due to broken boiler).

I beg the government to do something. Surely those of us who are disabled and unable to work, shouldn’t have to pay back the money?
If you actually taxed the energy companies or your rich friends, you would be able to help everyone, but instead you force the cost to the customer. No matter what situation they are in.

Are you trying to make me homeless sooner as I already know I will end up homeless one day as this country doesn’t care for those who have no money.
I couldn’t afford rent anywhere, that is how little I get! If I wasn’t here, I would be on the streets.

You could easily help everyone by taxing the rich or the energy companies.
Take a leaf from many other countries in Europe who are actually helping customers rather than giving them money they are forced to pay back!

You need to think of those of us who are disabled, stuck at home 24/7 with health issues so severe we can’t work. You should really realise that we don’t get much money and we need help the most!
You should have thought that we might need more help but instead you don’t care what happens to us as it shows.

I hope that I don’t freeze to death as I have no heating at all and with the price rise, I wouldn’t be able to afford heating and eating! Are you hoping we die? Is that the plan?

Do something for those of us who are disabled and housebound! Anything, just something that helps us and isn’t money we have to give you back which isn’t help, that is called a loan.

Please help us disabled who can’t work. Please try to remember us as we have been forgotten for years under this Conservative government.
We aren’t all able to work and the disability system is beyond broken.

Please, do something for us!

Yours faithfully,

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