England To Scrap Covid Self Isolation If Positive In Bad Move

Today, Boris Johnson announced that self isolation rules will be replaced by guidance starting on the 24th February 2022.

Covid is still a pandemic right now throughout the world.
England stopped masks being required everywhere, make workers go back to work even when they could work from home and coming shortly will be Covid positive people sat next to you without a mask on as self isolation rules will be stopped! They can choose not to isolate!

The new plan will also most likely remove most other Covid rules.
This is so dangerous for many of us who are high risk!

I am crying just writing this as I am terrified for my life and also for the person I live with as they are higher risk than me and work in an office. They were forced back when they could work from home fine, all because of Boris and his made up rules that he decides even when scientists and medical professionals tell him not to do it, and now people with Covid will be at work next to him with no masks on, no social distancing, no sanitising as England is acting like it is all over.

Doctors and scientists have told him NOT to do this.
He doesn’t listen as this Tory government live by their own rules. They are corrupt and don’t follow their own rules as you have seen over the last few years with Boris. This isn’t how it should be.
We now clearly give in a dictatorship in England. This is not how a government is supposed to be!

High risk people already have no protection as we have been treated like those not high risk.
No masks and now people with Covid will be sat next to you at work, or on the bus or train.
This is the most ridiculous thing yet! More proof the government doesn’t care or acknowledge high risk vulnerable people.

The government is already treating it like flu, way before the pandemic is over.
Yes Covid will be with us like the flu is, but this is after it is no longer a pandemic. We shouldn’t be acting like it is over already!
Covid is not finished being a pandemic yet!

Covid vaccinations do not stop you catching Covid nor stops you spreading it, although apparently there is an ever so slightly less chance of catching it.

As you might know I hate the Conservatives as they have been well known for not caring about disabled people in England for years. We are uncared for as you can tell by my £300 a month disability!

If people don’t have to isolate, the majority and all of the non-believers will just mingle without masks!

Masks should have remained as required indoors and isolation most definitely should have stayed!

All the high risk people were forced back into the workplace already with people without masks and now they will be infected too! This is just insane that a government would do this.

More proof that this country doesn’t care at all about us chronically ill, disabled or high risk. We don’t matter to the Conservative government!

I gave them my feedback by contacting my MP, Number 10 and also the health secretary (parliamentary option). It most likely won’t do anything, but you have to try at least.

Emailing your MP is one that definitely should be done as they have to pass comments on if you ask them to. Just click the link above and you can find your MP and just send an email to them.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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