Cost Of Living Crisis Continues To Worsen And Disabled Worst Hit

The cost of living crisis continues to worsen. When will the price rises end?! Food up as much as 200%!
Disabled people who can’t work are the hardest hit in the cost of living crisis.

We have lots of extra expense already just being disabled, and with the increased costs, we can only cut back so far! I can’t cut back any further.
I am even more affected as I can’t get ESA or UC! I live purely on PIP, meanwhile the government just doesn’t care.
The government aren’t doing anything to help. Nothing.
The only thing they did was give a repayable rebate for energy which doesn’t help whatsoever as you have to pay it back and also a council tax rebate which I won’t see personally and won’t help me with living costs at all.
And they aren’t doing anything for the disabled. We aren’t getting income to match inflation or anything. We are just ignored as usual by the Tory government.

As I live on my little over £300 income for many years which is the only income I can get from this government, I struggle to live every day.
Since the cost of living crisis started, I am struggling even worse than before and I have been struggling for years now! I can only struggle so far on the same amount of money. It goes less and less as time passes as I get a few pence more once a year when they increase it by pennies but that is it. They don’t increase it enough nor does it match inflation. It literally goes up pennies for what I get.

Why don’t they care about us? I find it baffling that it is 2022 and the government still doesn’t care about the disabled as it proves over and ocer.

Gas, electric and food have all gone up multiple times in less than a year.
My energy went up over 60% in October, then over 54% in April and will be going up again in October too!
Food prices have gone up as much as 200%!!!

I only buy budget brands as I can’t afford brands, and I have noticed the biggest price increases with own brand products. Things that used to be 40p are as much as £1.20 now. I have seen things at 25p up to 90p, 60p up to £1.20, 50p up to 87p, 55p to 90p, £1 to £1.50 and so many others that I could list.
HUGE increases! Not pennies!

I have seen some other items reducing size rather than cost. 8 packs now 6 packs, 100ml now 80ml, 150ml now 125ml, 100g now 80g etc. Lots have made weight changes, probably as they hope people won’t realise. If you see the same price, you might not look at the pack size if you buy it all the time. Do check! You can get caught out with this one.

Everything is going up, except disability benefits!

My PIP is the same as ever. I get small increases once a year usually but it is nominal. Not once have I had an increase to match the cost of living. PIP definitely doesn’t go up with inflation, which is the only benefit I can get as you might know. (If you didn’t know, check about me)
ESA which I still can’t get, also doesn’t go up with inflation.
Minimum wage goes up, but disability benefits don’t. That alone shows you how little this Tory government think of the disabled. Ableism with disability benefits. If they cared, they would match inflation.

My little over £300 a month isn’t enough for anyone to live on. No one! Rent anywhere is more than that on it’s own! That is why I am in the situation I am in. Can’t afford to rent anything. Can’t get anything else, but can’t afford to live on nothing.
If I wasn’t here, I would be homeless on the streets as a chronically ill and disabled person.
That is a big worry.

I wrap up constantly as I can’t have the heat on unless it is very cold, as it just costs too much. Not good when you are at home all day.
Oh and I can’t get the warm home discount either. I literally cannot get a single penny more than my only benefit!
Really upsetting when you read things like “National Grid profits doubled”. So they are making more profits yet still don’t pass any of it on with discounts or reduced cost energy.
I don’t know which is worse, lack of food or no heat.

I can’t afford anything at all.
I can’t even afford my painkillers so I have to be on Fentanyl and morphine forever which barely help but nothing else works. Only cannabis which costs £210 a month so I can’t get my painkiller due to cost. I am left with withdrawals every day, side effects, vomiting, increased exhaustion and so much more. All because I can’t afford my painkiller that they won’t give on the NHS even though it is medically legal here!

What else will happen? I worry all the time. I am not sure how long I can keep going like this.
The government aren’t doing anything for people like me. Nothing.

I speak to DWP, my MP, even parliament! All I get told is there is nothing they can do. Same letters over and over for years. Lots of excuses and that is it.

All I want is to get by without struggle but that will never happen unless the Tories go and someone who cares about disabled people takes over.

Tories are renowned for not caring about the disabled. If you disagree, you need to do some research.
Lots of proof available online. Please never vote Conservative in the UK. Please. All disabled beg you.

Here is a few examples of Tory hate for disabled people (there are thousands more like this):
Tories laugh during parliamentary debate about disabled people
The Tory message to disabled people: you’re just not worth it
Tory election candidate says disabled people should be paid less as they ‘don’t understand money’
The War on Disabled People Just Got Worse
Tories are taught to ignore the neediest and only look after the rich
Disabled people facing ‘impossible choices to survive’ in cost of living crisis

When will the cost of living crisis end for the disabled?
I personally don’t think it will fully recover. I don’t think they will ever treat us better or give us enough money to live on. I truly don’t think they will. Conservatives only care about themselves and the rich, if you don’t believe that, read the links above again or find more, there is lots of proof!
I am sure non disabled will recover from the cost of living crisis but I think the disabled will be suffering for years to come. We won’t get any help and we will be struggling for longer.
I honestly hope I am wrong, but they just don’t care.

There is nothing more I can do and no more money I can get. Thanks for nothing UK Government!
I would have left this country many years ago if I could but I am stuck here now.
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If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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