UK Government Launches Cost Of Living Support (Finally)

The UK Government has finally launched a cost of living support programme. Although it could be much better, it is much better than the first energy rebate they launched! They thankfully get rid of the repayable “grant” that was a loan and was not remotely help, and give everyone money off their bills.

I have seen a lot of people reporting incorrect information on social media so here is the information to stop the spreading of fake news. This is the correct and up to date information.

You can read the article in full on the government website.

Here is a summary:

List Of Support Options:

  • Energy Bills Support Scheme doubled to a one-off £400
    The £400 is no longer repayable. You will get this in October via your energy supplier, spread over several months.
  • £650 one-off Cost of Living Payment for those on means tested benefits
    You need to be in receipt of one of these:
    Income-based Jobseekers Allowance,
    Income-related Employment and Support Allowance,
    Income Support,
    Working Tax Credit,
    Child Tax Credit,
    Pension Credit.
  • £150 Disability Cost of Living Payment
    You need to be in receipt of one of these:
    Disability Living Allowance
    Personal Independence Payment
    Attendance Allowance
    Scottish Disability Benefits
    Armed Forces Independence Payment
    Constant Attendance Allowance
    War Pension Mobility Supplement
  • Energy Bills Support Scheme doubled to a one-off £400
    Households will get £400 of support with their energy bills via their energy supplier.
    Plus £150 Council Tax rebate for households in England in Council Tax bands A-D
  • £500m increase and extension of Household Support Fund
    This is available via your council and the requirements vary between councils (I wasn’t eligible)
  • One-off £300 Pensioner Cost of Living Payment
    The one off payment will go through Winter Fuel Payment.

The only thing I can get is the £150 disability payment. That is it even though I get just over £300 a month and am disabled and can’t work!
Can’t get the £650 even though I get ESA credits & am in the support group (just can’t get the money).

Great if you get some help from this, although it isn’t really enough.
Just a shame yet again I am disqualified from yet more money all because of national insurance credits. Ridiculous.

I yet again am screwed as I can’t get the £650 and will only get the £150 for being disabled.
Obviously the council tax rebate and the energy bills rebate, goes straight to the energy or council tax bill.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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