Medical Cannabis Patients Treated Like Smokers Instead Of Patients

Medical cannabis patients in the UK are being treated like smokers rather than the patients they are.
This is by most companies and even some police that aren’t trained on this.

I am also wanting people to try to get the government website info updated by sending an email.
More info at the bottom of this post. It takes just a few mins and it really could help! You do not need to be a medical cannabis patient to email.
Please do take a look at it and help if you can spare 2-3 mins.

Every single day someone is stopped for using their medication. Being cannabis it takes longer to explain to people as so many don’t even realise it is medically legal!
And that is the problem!
Most people don’t realise it is legal. Even many police and doctors STILL don’t realise!

People don’t know the correct information so they just use the information they know such as “no vaping” and they take that and put it onto cannabis patients. This is not the same!
Vaping a tobacco substitute is not medication and rightfully so it restricted in many places.
Medical cannabis is not a tobacco substitute and is used as a medication. Patients can use their medication anywhere they need to! Doesn’t matter if the person next to you doesn’t like it. It is medication.

For reference the rules about medical cannabis:
Medical cannabis patients can vape their medication wherever they need to! They are using medication, not just vaping! Vape rules don’t apply here! This is medication!
So if a rule states no vaping, that doesn’t matter! Medication is different and patients are allowed to use it ANYWHERE they need to! Public or private property, it doesn’t matter!

So as you can see, lots are given wrong info.

Here is a reply from the police saying the same as me:

Here is a reply from the police saying that we can use cannabis anywhere we need to!

It needs to be on the government website rather than anyone’s website such as mine, as anyone can say anything. If it is on the government website, people can’t dispute it.

What I Want People To Do

What I am wanting people to do is contact your MP and the Home Office asking them to add some information on the government or home office website, that shows we can use cannabis as needed if we are legally prescribed it medically.
Then we can just show the website to companies or people that don’t believe us!
I promise you, it will only take a few mins to do!

Firstly, write out something on a draft email saying the same as what I have explained. That we need medical cannabis information about using cannabis in public places, being publicly viewable for all to see on the government website. Can be short, as long as it is to the point.

Secondly, take 2 seconds to find your mp and copy the email address and paste it in the to field along with the home office email address ([email protected]) and and add that to the recipients of the email

Then finally, send the email.

You can also copy paste your message on the Department of Health’s contact form
They don’t have an email address on view, just a form. They also could really help, so helps if you do this step too.

That is it!
You might get a reply or you might not.

If lots of people are saying the same to them by sending emails, they might listen and night add the info the site. If they do, that could help so many people.

It might not do anything, but unless some of us ask, they won’t do anything anyway! So please take a few mins to do this. It can only help.

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