Terrified Of Being Unable To Afford The Heating On In Winter

As the days pass and you read more and more articles about how expensive everything is getting, I get more and more disheartened and worried about winter as I won’t be able to afford to put the heating on in winter, even though I live in a freezing house that is cold all year round, even in the hottest days!

I can’t afford the huge energy prices which have shot up numerous times already.
I still get almost nothing, yet every thing is up as much as 200%! Food most definitely is up that much and energy is shooting up so fast that I just can’t hold on.

I won’t be able to have any heat on at all in winter! None!
I can’t work at all and am home all day, so winter is terrifying!

The main worry is that I won’t have food OR heating!
My little over £300 a month income is wiped out totally just by energy bills!
That means there is NOTHING for food, bills and medication.

I can’t afford rent let alone food, bills and medication and if I wasn’t here I would be homeless so I can’t do anything about it.
I can’t work and my PIP which is all I can get is only a little over £300 a month which leaves me in poverty, yet I can’t get a penny more (read faq if you want more info). That doesn’t cover anything!

The government’s so called help, isn’t really help as it will be eaten up instantly by the rising energy and still everyone will have lots to pay even after this “grant” as energy prices are out of control and the UK government is much too slow to help and when they do, the help is utterly rubbish! They MUST do more.

I will get £150 for being disabled later in the year, won’t get the £650 as I don’t qualify (even though disabled) and the £400 that everyone gets still won’t help! That is how bad my situation is

This house is a thick stone wall building and it is cold all year round. 3c-7c in winter inside!

I even had hot water bottles and 2 blankets in the so called heatwave! (which wasn’t a heatwave, it was just summer…) That is how cold it is so imagine how bad it is when it is -3c outside (that would be around 3c inside at most)

I genuinely worry about what if it is so cold I don’t make it?
That is terrifying! I don’t want to die! Especially not because of Tory austerity!

You can and should email your MP about the energy prices asking them to do something. It takes seconds and that way the MP has to pass your thoughts on. More complaints = more chance of action.
You can find your MP here.

As a side note, if you do vote Tory, please consider reading about how badly they affect disabled people first and consider voting for someone else.
Disabled people are the worst hit by having a conservative government. You can read about it if you search “conservatives” or “Tory” and the words “disabled people” or something similar on any search engine. You will see thousands of stories and posts from disabled people who say how bad it is under a Tory government. This is your choice, but please do read about it first. Anyone is a better vote.

If you can help, please check out my support me page. Lists all the ways you can help me, from free to paid. Thank you so much if you can. It can change my life. Please help if you can.
I also have a Amazon wish list on that link with items on to keep warm.

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