Why The Recent Silence?

If you wonder why I have been quiet recently, well there are a few reasons.

Firstly I went into A&E the other week for heart palpitations and another strange feeling in my chest. They did a ECG and blood work and didn’t see anything. One was very high but it went down on the next blood test so they let me go home. Never got a X-Ray they were going to do, nor was I monitored like I was supposed to be and the heart machine’s alarm kept going off but no one came or monitored it… so even though my parents died of heart attacks, and I had this, I am not going to be checked any further or monitored over the years. My dad was around 40 when he died…
No found cause and they aren’t doing any other tests at all.

Second reason is that I have been struggling more and more with the cost of living that I have been spending longer trying to find things I can do to earn money yet again. There is nothing as I spent 3 years trying to find anything and everything was too hard due to my health. I recently looked again but there is nothing.
I tried designing some things to sell cheaply but due to my health, it is hard when just moving your hands drains your energy so much you have to go lay down again.

I am just trying to find anyway to earn money so I won’t starve to death or freeze to death in winter as I am at home all day, especially in winter, and this stone house is freezing all year and inside is around 4c-11c most of the year. In winter, it is so cold and you need heating but there is no way I can afford heating on at these costs.

Energy costs could hit £3k a year and I am already hundreds of pounds owing to the energy company.
I share this house so pay towards it so I don’t owe it all but this is just now, months before the next huge price rise and we are over £600 in debit.
This is before this month so August bill will add a lot to this debit so I will be probably over £700 in debit.

Meanwhile the energy companies are billions in profit while people like myself are in poverty and can’t afford these rising prices. Something should be done but again the government is a Tory government so they don’t care about the poor. Only care about the rich and other Tories. This has been proven many times over the last years, especially the last year.

Something needs to be done about the energy prices being out of control.

What you can do to try to help this energy crisis, is contact your MP and tell them they need to do something more. Find your MP here. Takes just a few mins to do and can make a world of difference as they have to pass your thoughts and comments on.

I won’t get the £650 for disabled people as it excludes PIP and I can’t get ESA so all I will get is £150 in September which isn’t enough at all!!
The government sadly don’t care about all the disabled people like myself who fall through the gaps, and can’t get things like ESA etc

I live in poverty in 2022 in England.
Little over £300 a month income a month PIP and that is it.
I am starving all the time on 1 meal a day and I dread that it will soon be no meals a day.

If you can help, please check out my support me page. Lists all the ways you can help me, from free to paid. Thank you so much if you can. It can change my life.

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