Grocery Money Stolen From Me

You might know I have no money and live on a poverty income.
Well I have now been a target of theft of the only money I had!

I was kindly gifted a e-gift card for ASDA by a kind person a couple of months ago.
I wasn’t able to use it straight away because my value brand items weren’t available for quite a while, so I used Sainsbury’s instead whist waiting for ASDA to restock.
They all came back in stock at perfect timing as I had a big bill to pay which took all my money, so I was going to order groceries using the gift card, but it had been used TWICE by a thief!
So I had no money for groceries.
I guess I should have checked first, but I didn’t expect someone would have used it when it was registered to my account!

I had added the card to my ASDA gift card account as that is supposed to protect you, but they used it anyway and ASDA won’t refund me, even though it was registered and even though I wasn’t even at home at the time!
If you read my Twitter, you will know that I had been in hospital and then spent the recovery weeks housesitting so I could have free heating as my house is so cold, and that is when I was targeted. When I wasn’t even at home.

I came home and went to order groceries as my items were in stock, and I found out that it had been used while I was out of town.
The only time I have been out of town in years and a thief steals from me…

I have no idea who stole it as it was a e-gift card and my account has NOT been compromised.

To make it worse, the ASDA website states that if you register the gift card, that “you’re covered!”
But that isn’t true if they won’t help or refund the balance which they won’t!


The police just laugh in your face when you report things like this that they clearly can’t help with, but I filed a report anyway.

I find it crazy that someone would steal the only money I had, leaving me without money for groceries.

So I am still out of pocket £40 and was unable to order food.

I find it baffling that the ASDA website clearly states that your balance is protected if you registered your card, but they say the opposite.

So basically they won’t help me even though it was registered online to my account and should have been “protected” as they claimed on their site, which was a total lie!!

So I couldn’t order food because they stole it. Stole the only money I had available.

If anyone wants to help, I have a support me page with lots of ways you can help.
Nothing expected ever, but if you wish to help, there are lots of ways you can, some free!

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