Minister for Disabled People Role Scrapped By Government

The government just posted on X (formally known as Twitter), saying Mims Davi’s has been appointed Minister Of Disabled People from the DWP. She is only junior minister too.

This is as per my post below, the role has been merged into other work, so they don’t just do that job, they have other work and now this too. Not sure why they kept the job title they scrapped, but it might be just to make people think this is their main job, but it’s not!
The person is from the DWP too!

The UK government has confirmed that the role of Minister for Disabled People has been scrapped, after many days without a minister after the previous one moved to another role.
It had been the longest gap without a Minister for Disabled People for 30 years and now they are scrapping the role completely! This is the biggest kick in the teeth for disabled people.

Rishi Sunak scrapped this role very quietly (probably hoping that no one noticed). No announcement would be made as they don’t want people to know how much the Tories hate us.

Not only did he scrap the role, but he did it during UK disability history month (UKDHM).

This is complete proof that the Tories don’t like disabled people, if you needed more proof that is!
We are already treated like second class citizens and now we have no representation in the government.

They instead, have given the job to an existing junior minister who would do the work alongside their current role. We will not have a minister that works just for us, they will have a DWP job too.

Remember hearing that this Tory government want to force disabled people into work? Well this happened now too, and I bet that it is related.

Sources say they may use an existing DWP minister to represent us, but that wouldn’t be their only role so they would be doing the job kind of as a side job on top of their main ministerial role.

A existing junior minister, Mims Davis, has now taken on the work, alongside their current role. They are from the DWP too who are renowned for not caring for disabled people.
For some reason they still gave them the same job title that they just scrapped. Not sure if this is to confuse people and think we have a dedicated minster, but that is not their only job.
As per the post, Mims will do the work but along with all her other work.
We do NOT have a dedicated minister anymore.

I beg everyone to take their time to write up a complaint, even if it is hard like it is for me, type something up over a few days or weeks if you need it! But PLEASE DO COMPLAIN!
If you can type a little, then do a little each day until you have your complaint written. I struggle to type and do it over days, but I am still doing it as it matters!

Disabled or not, PLEASE contact your MP and let them know that this is not ok to remove this role. We need a dedicated Minister for Disabled People, just like we have had for decades.

Post on social media about it and tag people so that more people know!

The issue is that most disabled people have limited capability in some way so many of us can’t do much physically, but no one else will do it for us. No one else petitions or protests for us. So please do it.

Take Action

I recommend you contact both your MP and Number 10, with your MP being priority. (You can send the same message to both)

Write something up about why scrapping the Minister for Disabled People role is bad for disabled people, and why we need representation, and copy it to both your MP and number 10.
Your MP should be the priority as they will respond to you, whereas you probably won’t get a reply from number 10.

We need a dedicated minister, not a junior minister that jobs the work alongside other work!

Please tell people, make posts about it on social media! Share posts such as this one with your friends on social media as this was a very quiet move by Rishi Sunak, proving yet again that he has no time for disabled people. (Remember they are forcing many disabled who can’t work, into work soon too)
Be vocal about it.

Contact Your MP

Find your MP by entering your postcode here on the government website, and send them an email.
Your MP has to listen to you and pass on your thoughts.

Contact Number 10

You can contact number 10 using this form on the government website.

They usually don’t reply, but they do read messages. The more that message them about this issue, the better. You can just send the same one you sent your MP, you don’t need to write something different.

As a side note, please do NOT vote Tory for general elections!
You are voting against disabled people as not only do the Tories not care about anyone other than themselves and the rich, but they actively dislike us and have no regard for us as time has proven, with the last few years alone showing how bad they are. Vote tactically to get them OUT!

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