Keeping Warm With No Heating & No Money In A Cold Home

I thought I would make a post about how to keep warm with no heating and no money in a cold home.

Being unable to work and still living on under £400 a month total income, I can’t afford any heat at all, let alone more than 1 meal a day.

It has been 2 Christmases now without heat and I won’t have heat for the foreseeable future, due to cost and lack of money.

My home is very cold and honestly it is sometimes the exact same outside as indoors due to how bad the house is for heat retention.

Not only do I have no heating, but I have no insulation due to solid stone walls, plus severe damp and mould from the broken gutter and broken soakaway.
They have been broken multiple years which we can’t afford to fix at all and desperately needs replacing but will never happen due to cost.
This means the cold is much worse than you will experience and it is 3c-7c inside for most of the year and a high of 6c-13c in summer inside so it is cold all year round.

This house will be much colder than yours I am almost positive about this, and these are what I do to survive without heating in a cold home.

I have been warned by my doctor that I risk severe health issues as well as risking my toes and fingertips, due to how cold the house is! The temperature indoors is so bad that I have been told I could develop new health issues as well as worsen the ones I have, but also could lose my toes and fingertips if it carries on as bad as it is. And it isn’t just one doctor to say that, it has been multiple over the years.
I just can’t do anything about it other than try to keep warm as money doesn’t grow on trees and I cannot work due to my severe chronic illnesses and disabilities.

How I Keep Warm

  • Layers
    This is the most important one you can do. I have a thermal layer, mid layer, dressing gown, wearable robe, 2 pairs of socks, leg warmers, gloves, hat, scarf constantly while at home, pretty much all year round. Wear layers to maximise warmth. This has the most effect at keeping me warm.

  • Hot water bottle
    I have a hot water bottle 365 days a year, multiple times a day. I couldn’t cope without it. It not only keeps me warm, but helps with opioid withdrawal which I suffer from every 37 hours or so, for many hours.

  • Electric throw/blanket
    Use an electric throw or blanket for keeping warm as it costs much less than heating. I use this every day, but I can’t afford to have it on all day, so I use it for just a few hours a day.

  • Drinking hot drinks
    I have a pot of tea that I have with a tea pot cover, and I drink this tea for hours as it keeps warm. Warm drinks can keep you warmish.

  • Warm meals
    Eating warm food also warms you up. I only have 1 meal a day which is a can of beans or value spaghetti in a tin, but it helps warm me a little.

  • Candles for light and a little heat
    OK I know this isn’t going to warm the house up, but I do use candles for heat and light. Sure it isn’t a sauna, but it is better than nothing.
    The large jars or pillar candles are better value as you can get 80-150 hours from a single candle.
    I ran out now but if I ever get another as a gift (as I can’t afford to buy any), I will use them again for same reason.

If anyone ever wants to help at all, you can in so many ways, just check out my Support Me page and my Ko-Fi donation page. Nothing ever expected!
All earnings go on living essentials only! Food, bills, and heat if I can afford it.

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