The Unfair Government

Basically in the UK you pay National Insurance Contributions which go towards your pension. Normally disabled people like myself could get credits for being on certain benefits which get marked as you having “paid” that years contributions.

Anyway basically I don’t qualify! I worked part time before being unable to work as I could not work full time so I never paid enough contributions to qualify for the benefits that would allow me to earn these credits. So I don’t get the money or the credits for being disabled because of that!

I have PIP but that doesn’t give me much money nor any credits at all! How is that fair?
The main benefit for being disabled is reliant on household income and national insurance contributions which is utterly ridiculous. I had to go through assessments to get PIP to make sure I am disabled which is pretty much the same as for ESA (which pays more per month and gives the credits), yet I don’t qualify.
I was literally told over the phone I don’t qualify for anything else nor any credits unless I am looking for full time work then I would get some credits while looking but otherwise I am screwed and I can’t work full time! I can’t even get out of bed without being exhausted and in even more pain.

So basically when I get to retirement age I won’t be allowed PIP nor a pension so I will be homeless! Utterly unfair!

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