More Useless Medication!

I have now been put on Amitriptyline as well as the Fentanyl and Morphine as the pain is getting worse due to tolerance I guess and I can’t go higher on the Fentanyl as I already get a lot of side effects and it is worse on a higher dose.

This won’t work as I have been on Nortriptyline for something else in the past which is pretty much the same and that didn’t do a thing for pain.

I am at my wits end. Nothing works that I can get on prescription and nothing else to try. I can’t live with all this pain forever.

Cannabis works and is medically legal but they won’t prescribe it for pain as they claim not enough evidence even though there is plenty. It is just down to money. They get kickbacks from big pharma companies…
Cannabis is cheap and we even grow it in the UK but they don’t prescribe that on the NHS, they prescribe a synthetic one which costs a fortune. Utterly ridiculous! It works for pain as millions can tell you and LOTS of evidence from other countries but the UK just don’t look as they just don’t want to prescribe it. They rather give you killer drugs more dangerous than Heroin than a safe plant. What a country…

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