ASDA Priority Pass Chaos Leaves Vulnerable Unable To Order Food

Updated 5th November
They now have sent out more conflicting information regarding Christmas slots with 2 emails with different information on both! Information below.

ASDA recently said it was supposed to be free delivery over £40 from November, below that there would be delivery and minimum basket fees.
Well, now they are trying to go back on that and are saying it is not free delivery over £40 at all! Below is photo proof from the CEO office and website, plus full information.
They are targeting the vulnerable and trying to change what they said. This is not right.

As you may know from previous posts, ASDA have not only broken the equality act by saying that drivers don’t have to help disabled people by unpacking crates and they won’t do anything about it, but had lots of issues with deliveries.

I then got a priority pass which gave me free delivered which was great, even though the customer service was bad. This was for people at very high risk of covid or those disabled. Basically all those they class as “vulnerable”.

Then they decided to change the priority pass from November so you only got free deliveries over £40 and under you paid a delivery and a basket fee.
I was told via the CEO executive team that over £40 is free delivery and no fees.
I felt some relief.

Roll on to November after the change has happened and there was been a bug on the site where people with a priority pass can’t even checkout below £1000 that was there over 5 days. Yes you read that amount right.
That means priority pass (vulnerable and disabled people) aren’t able to order! Slots get missed, people who aren’t able to go out can’t get food.
It seems the bug was added to stop priority pass people getting free delivery on anything. It was there to make sure no one could get free delivery even though it still says free delivery above £40 in many places.
This is on top of another huge issue below!

As I said, the executive team and the ASDA website said free delivery over £40 and fees only if you are below that.
I went onto Twitter after they were telling people that it is not free over £40. I saw numerous tweets over the space of a few hours where different staff members told people both that it was free over £40 and also it wasn’t free over £40!
One even tried to say that there is a fee that you still pay that isn’t the “pick, pack and deliver” charge and is another fee called a slot fee which doesn’t exist! The only fee is a pick, pack and deliver fee which is what is supposed to be free over £40.

Even the website says fees are only under £40 too! (screenshot below in case they change it!)

It seems the ASDA customer service team don’t have a clue at what the pass should give so say whatever they feel like to customers!
One went to ask and was told that delivery is free over £40 which is what I was told.

They haven’t got a clue what is happening at all and are all saying different things. Here is proof photo of that!
Different staff members tell you different things! This is dreadful customer service.
Remember this is just affecting those with a priority pass who are vulnerable and/or disabled as well!

Here is the CEO Roger Burnley’s executive office team saying twice that delivery is free over £40 from November for priority pass holders. Only fees if you are below £40.

ASDA Priority Pass Executive Team Reply
“As stated the deliveries will remain free, however for this to occur the orders will need to be more than £40.
If the order doesn’t meet the minimum spend, then there will be a small delivery fee.”
ASDA Priority Pass Executive Team Reply
“We understand the main features were ideal, however we have made the decision that the deliveries will remain free, however you will need to place the order for over £40, this is to ensure we are able to provide this service to all our customers that need this service and are not using a slot for less than the minimum spend who is able to visit a store for a small amount of items.”

And then here is their Twitter saying both it is and isn’t free in the space of a few hours!

ASDA Twitter Priority Pass
2nd November 12:31pm – “This is what my colleague has just confirmed; if you spend less than £40 there will be a minimum fee and if you spend more than £40 delivery is free”
ASDA Twitter Priority Pass
2nd November 3:19pm – This person contradicts the previous person from a few hours prior by saying you do have to pay delivery over £40. Ridiculous!
ASDA Twitter Priority Pass
3rd November 2:31pm – This staff member says again it is for over £40 for those with a priority pass after her colleagues said it wasn’t!
“That’s correct. Orders over £40 have no delivery charge”

This is the website also saying fees are just below £40

ASDA Priority Pass Website

Please raise awareness about this. Share the post, tell others, tell reporters if needed but please do raise awareness as this is huge. Not only can we not order anyway right now due to the £1000 minimum bug, but they are trying to change what was said about no delivery fees over £40.

They are saying no free delivery anymore and saying anything else said is wrong. They even said to me that one of the CEO executives that told me it was (as per screenshot) was wrong as is all the other staff saying it was supposed to be free over £40!

For myself who can barely get by on 55p a day, this is huge to me.

You can email the CEO office at [email protected] about this!
The customer service emails don’t seem to go through but it was [email protected] before.

I have also added a petition although I am not sure what good this would be in all honesty, but worth a shot.

As of the 5th November they have given out more conflicting information regarding Christmas delivery slots. Two emails sent out within weeks of each other both with different information as per the screenshots!
One says you can’t use recurring slots between the 19th December – 2nd January and the other says between 21st and 23rd December! Big difference! Which is right, who knows!

ASDA Christmas Update For Priority Pass
“As a vulnerable customer who regularly uses our online delivery service via a recurring slot, we wanted to let you know that recurring slots will not be available between 21st and 23rd December”
ASDA Christmas Update For Priority Pass
“Sorry, we are unable to fulfil recurring slot orders from 19th December – 2nd January.
If any of your recurring slots fall on these days, you will not be able to use them.”

3 thoughts on “ASDA Priority Pass Chaos Leaves Vulnerable Unable To Order Food”

  1. If Asda are going to charge then they should at least let us change to a cheaper slot .
    Ours would be £5.50 which is too much ontop of the fact lots of their cheaper products are not available for online ordering g.

  2. Arrrghh how frustrating and disappointing! Some supermarkets like Asda & Tesco have been doing pretty nicely for themselves this year, yet they ditch the vulnerable customers pretty quickly. There should have been more safeguards put in place, more done to help those that can’t get out or can’t queue in store and so on. I’ve found, just after the second lockdown was announced, that the free priority delivery has disappeared for me too. No slots either. Absolute shambles. x


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