ASDA Deletes Multiple Slots And Leaves Me Without Food For Days!

So after ASDA told people the priority pass would be free delivery only over £40 from November, then said they made a mistake and staff saying that were wrong, including the CEO office staff (previous blog post), now I have been messed around again and left without food yet again by ASDA!

I changed my recurrent slot to a cheaper recurrent one, as I couldn’t afford a £5 slot plus fees of £3 if you are below £40.
I added to my basket and went to place my order. It gave a technical error.
I called up a total of 4 times to be passed around and be told they couldn’t place an order either so they escalated it to PNF and I was told they would fix it and place my order. I was guaranteed this.

A little later I checked and my basket was empty and my slot GONE!
I called them and was told the slot has gone and nothing they could do. No apologies or explanation. She passed me to another department for a priority slot.
A man greeted me who when I explained, sighed numerous times and mumbled in his native language many times over the duration of call. I tried explaining what happened many times but he wouldn’t listen and was quite rude. If I did try to explain, the sighing and mumbling would happen again.
He said he would book a slot for the same day as my previous now deleted slot. I said “oh yes that’s great book it please”. He then said “it’s gone I can get this one for the xx” That went. Then he said “that one has gone now. I can get the xx”.
I said can’t you just book the slot as if you have booked it, they wouldn’t keep going away. He said no he can’t and can only book on checkout which just isn’t true! Once a slot is booked you have a little time to checkout.
He said I can checkout my end. I said I can’t see the slot, only my next slot in December is showing.
He grabbed another slot and checked out as I just wanted a slot asap. I got my email.
It was for my NEXT priority slot in December!
No wonder I couldn’t see the slot, he hadn’t booked a slot, he just used my recurring slot in December, meaning I had lost two slots now!

I was so upset and worried. Losing one was bad enough. Plus I needed food to live and I couldn’t just go out and get food like an abled bodied person might be able to.
I said please change the slot so he did and managed to get me a slot days after my slot was supposed to be.
I still had no food for a few days though, but least I had some coming.

I got no apologies and no explanation for the initial slot being deleted and was told I could book another slot online to replace the second lost slot.
I looked online but there is only a place to change your current recurring slot, not book another one.
I asked them and they just said that I “should be able to just book another slot”, but when I asked where they couldn’t say. I said I can only see a change my slot and I don’t want to do that. They couldn’t help anymore and I don’t want to change my slot!

This is one of many issues I have had with ASDA.
This is on top of the fact they tell drivers they don’t have to help with deliveries!

I just don’t have much choice. I can’t get a slot with most companies and some are so expensive that I just can’t afford them! Tesco for example is £4.50 delivery plus a £4 fee under £40. That is so expensive for me on £300 total income a month!

I am disabled and chronically ill so I can’t go out and have no one else who can during the pandemic, so I am reliant on these deliveries!

The issues never seem to end with ASDA and sadly the customer service, even as far up as the CEO office is often wrong or unhelpful.

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