Unable To Get Delivery Slots From Supermarkets Again

With it coming up to Christmas, many people are booking online slots so it is now impossible to get slots online. I also don’t have the luxury of being able to go out to get my food in due to my disability.
Until at least the 2nd January, but most likely quite a bit after that, I can’t get a slot for my food delivering. No slots available, can’t get my recurring slot at ASDA as they cancelled slots for those with a priority pass during this period! (no recurring slots from 19th December – 2nd January)

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ASDA to the disabled and high risk of Covid! Here are your slots removed from 19th December – 2nd January as we are cold hearted”. They didn’t say that but they might as well have. Removing slots for those with a priority pass at the most busy time of year is nothing but cold hearted.

I normally get my food from ASDA as I have a priority pass (even though they made that pretty poor now), but they cancelled all recurring slots for priority pass customers from 19th December – 2nd January so I can’t get a slot for the foreseeable future.
I can’t just go out and get food either so I am really stuck here!

ASDA seem to be a main topic of my blog lately. They have messed me around so much as you can see from my other blog posts, deleted 2 of my slots, left with me no food and now they aren’t giving priority pass customers recurring slots from 19th December – 2nd January!
I tried over the phone as I couldn’t seem to book one online without changing my current booked slot, but there were none available!
They have also put up the price of slots so any often cheap slots are just all the more expensive price now which I just don’t have the money for.

I have looked at numerous supermarkets and they don’t have slots where I am for the foreseeable future.

I only go for the cheap slots as I don’t have the money for expensive ones as I have 55p a day for food and that is all my money gone.
Some deliveries are very expensive (shown below), and I just don’t have the money, although I can’t even see the more expensive slots as it is just all booked up.
There was one single slot (albeit week earlier than I wanted it) at Tesco for £4.50 plus a £4 fee for being under £40 which I just don’t have the money for. £8.50 for delivery is outrageous when you are living on pennies a day like me. Either way that one went pretty fast, not that I could afford it anyway.

With most supermarkets there are usually £40 minimum order fees or you get penalised for being under £40 with basket fees on top.
You can have £6-£8.50 with delivery and minimum basket fees. That is multiple weeks food for me so I don’t have the money!

On top of that, different supermarkets have different priced food and a different selection of course. Places like Iceland have lots of frozen with a small selection of non-frozen that is very overpriced. Many supermarkets don’t have a budget range or if they do it isn’t cheap.
I have a such a limited amount of money, price is EVERYTHING. I need x item to be x price. I can’t afford numerous times that amount at all.

I once went to each supermarket and tried to see how much the baskets came out at.
I used to get food from Aldi and Lidl picked up for me prior to the pandemic but that can’t happen until it is over so these are the prices I am used to for 55p-65p a day!

Iceland was very expensive as the non-frozen is so overpriced,
Ocado was incredibly expensive and didn’t have most things I wanted,
Tesco ironically was more expensive than it used to be, but they have some budget brands,
Sainsbury’s was more expensive due to lack of budget brands,
ASDA was not too bad with some things. This is my choice for price.

I can’t afford 3-5 times the amount plus delivery fees on top. I just don’t have the income so I am very limited.
Not only that but it is impossible to get slots!

With Christmas and New year coming, many have only high priced delivery slots available and no cheap ones! That is if you see a slot that is. I haven’t been able to find slots at all over the Christmas/New Year period and I can’t get my recurring slot with ASDA from 19th December – 2nd January!

Here is a list of charges at supermarkets.

Supermarket delivery charges

Orders under £40 are charged a £3 basket charge
Delivery costs £1 – £6.50
(Those with a priority pass get no real benefits from November!)

Minimum £25 order
Delivery costs £1 – £7
Poor budget selection of food

Minimum £40 order
Delivery costs £1 – £7
Poor budget selection of food

Orders under £40 are charged a £4 minimum basket charge
Delivery cost: £4.50 fixed

Minimum £40 order
Delivery costs £2.99 – £6.99
Expensive food, very poor budget selection

Minimum £25 order
Free delivery over £35, £2 otherwise plus a 50p bag charge added to all orders
Non-frozen very overpriced

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