Horrific Side Effects From COVID Vaccine AstraZeneca

Firstly for background, I have chronic fatigue, chronic pain and many more conditions as shown on the about me page

I had my first COVID AstraZeneca vaccine on Tuesday. Another in 12 weeks. I had no real issues that day.
By the very early hours of Thursday morning, my arm was killing and I had a migraine. I went back to sleep.
I awoke on Thursday morning later on with the worst migraine, horrific pain all over, incredible stiffness, hot and shivering, my skin hurt to touch even lightly, nausea, I was more tired than usual and I couldn’t hold my head up as it was too painful! My arm hurt obviously, but both did and I could barely move either!

The pain was so much worse than my usual pain, the fatigue was worse, stiffness was worse, everything was worse!
I could barely move an inch. Getting out of chair or bed was so difficult and took ages.
Horrific side effects, much worse than I heard of!

I had to take morphine, sumatriptan, metoclopramide and sleep 17 hours that day.

I went to bed and slept 6 hours in the day even though I had 11 hours that night as I do every night as due to chronic fatigue I need a lot of sleep to be able to remotely function.
In the evening, I drifted off to sleep while sat downstairs trying to eat as I could barely eat a thing.

A while back on Twitter I had asked people with chronic pain and/or chronic fatigue what side effects they had and some had bad symptoms for a while, so I did expect the worst. Of course with my bad luck, I had it horrifically.
My pain is 10/10 as it is, 8/10 with the Fentanyl, but it was a 10 again and everything else was worse too making it so I could barely move an inch, lift a drink, anything!

Second in 12 weeks, no date yet but dreading that!

2 thoughts on “Horrific Side Effects From COVID Vaccine AstraZeneca”

  1. I expected to be worse after the vaccine and yes i was but I wouldn’t want covid on top of ME. The short term increase in pain and fatigue is worth it if it protects me from being in hospital on oxygen.

  2. yeah I expected it to be worse, but didn’t expect to have to take morphine, sumatriptan, metoclopramide and sleep 17 hours with horrific side effects. The pain was horrific as was the skin pain, fatigue, nausea and the worst migraine from hell.

    I would have been ok with just worse pain and fatigue but this was horrific.
    I never leave the house so I doubt I will ever get Covid anyway but still get the vaccines anyway


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