Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review

As I have to vaporize cannabis multiple times everyday for chronic pain via a legal medical prescription, having a good vaporizer is important.
I am excited to try out the Arizer Solo II vaporizer which is the latest version of their popular Solo vaporizer.

The Solo 2 is sized at 113mm x 35mm x 46mm and weighs 210g. It fits in your hand perfectly without being too bulky and comes with a belt pouch to keep it in along with some extra tubes which is really good for if you are out and about. It is really well made and high quality. In the photos at the bottom you can see how nicely it sits in my hand.

It comes with 2 glass aroma tubes, both differently sized at 90mm and 110mm, an aroma dish, travel pvc cases for the 2 glass tubes, ac power, belt pouch, filter screens and a stirring tool.

It features a digital display, you can change the temperature to C or F and you can change the heat settings to 1c/f or 10c/f a time to get that perfect heat temperature! It is not like the older model which just had preset temperatures that you had to choose from. With this you can really set that perfect temperature for you.
It gets to temperature incredibly quick. I don’t even sit it down to wait, I just fill it, set it to temperature and it heats up so quickly that I am ready to go in seconds from setting the temperature.

I currently am using the longest tube and really love it as the vapor is really cool with it. The short tube is great when you are out or want to be more discreet. I find you get a lot of use out of the flower in the dish. Not sure if this is because it has a hybrid heating system which combines convection and conduction heating, but I definitely seem to get a lot of use from a small amount of flower. I also find it toasts the flower evenly. I don’t have green flower in the middle, it is all toasted evenly.

It is easy to vape with, a gently inhale on the tube and you get a lot of tasty vapor. A tip is don’t overfill your tube with flower, leave a little space for best effect.

The tubes are great as you can prefill them, put the black silicone stem cap on and put them in your pouch along with your solo 2 so you are ready to go when you need it. I love that you can do this.

You can buy replacement tubes cheaply so if you do happen to break one or you just want more, you can use your other while you get some replacements in.

I have to say, I think cleaning with this device is amazing. It is really simple. You just need to clean the heating area which surprisingly stays very clean, and also clean the tubes. You are best soaking the tubes and getting some pipe cleaners to clean inside the tubes.
You can only get inside the tube at one end as the other is a compartment for the flower, so you need a longish brush or a pipe cleaner to get inside which are easy and cheap to get.
I recommend you just soak the tubes in isopropyl alcohol for easy cleaning and use another tube as you get 2, whilst the other is soaking. Then brush out the oven area and clean with a wipe of isopropyl alcohol. It really is very easy.
Some are much harder to clean which when you use something so many times a day, easy cleaning is important and you get that with this.

The battery lasts a long time! It claims to last up to 3 hours. I can go a day and a half without charging it which is brilliant, especially as I use my vape many times a day. Also a massive plus is it has pass through charging so you can vape whilst using it!
I have vaped multiple times while plugged in as the battery was getting low and I forgot to charge it. The pass through is brilliant. I use it many times a day as it is for medical reasons and I charge it every other day.

Make sure you go careful with the tubes as obviously after use the end where the pod is, is boiling hot inside the heating area. Just be careful if you take them out to fill them whilst hot but you should really wait for then to cool before filling. The top part of the glass doesn’t get hot, only if you take the tubes out after using will you experience the heat.

The battery life and the easy cleaning are huge pluses for me! The cleaning is just so easy between uses and the battery lasts so long, plus the pass through charging makes this such a great tool.

If I had to say any negatives it would be minor, such as I would like to be able to change the battery myself if it gets old and stops working well. That is my only negative but it is minor as the device is wonderful and the battery lasts a long time plus has the pass through charging which is brilliant.

If you like high quality and easy to clean items, this is the one for you. It will last you many years.
I really do adore this vaporizer and recommend it to everyone. High quality, works well and really is worth it!

You can buy the Arizer Solo 2 on the Arizer website who also ship to multiple countries.
It is currently on sale right now with $105 dollars off as well which is an amazing deal!

Disclaimer: I was gifted this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. The review is completely unbiased and is 100% my own honest opinion.

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