Formline Smell Proof Pouch Review

I was lucky enough to receive the Formline smell proof pouch which is a wonderful pouch with lots of room to store my vaporizer, grinder and medical cannabis in that does not leak smell.

I have taken it to the hospital numerous times when I have had my appointment,s and there was not a bit of smell leaking through even when I was routing through my bag with the pouch in which was great!

I have a legal medical cannabis prescription, but I still don’t want the smell to get everywhere, so I love having this pouch to use. You can take it alone or throw it in a bigger bag so the smell doesn’t spread to your backpack or bag.

The lining has five layers including an 2x activated carbon layer which absorbs smells which with the two strong Velcro seals stop any smell leaving the pouch. You can’t smell a thing once you seal it.

It has a strong Velcro seal on the outside and another Velcro seal on the inside for even more protection, plus the seal on the inside means you have two separate areas both sealed so you can store your vaporizer in one side and say your cannabis in another side in a jar to keep the smells contained.
I love that it has two strong Velcro seals! Really does keep the smell in combined with the 2x active carbon lining layers.

The pouch is really high quality which you can see from the good stitching, quality material and the Velcro seals.

They even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That is how good their products are.

It fits my vaporizer, grinder, some extra tubes for my vaporizer, my cannabis and leaves some room for more! Really is perfect.

I think if you use cannabis then you should get a case. The smell is nice but lets be honest, we don’t want it on everything. Plus in places where it is only medically legal and not recreationally legal like here, even though I am not breaking the law as I have a prescription, it saves having to explain why I have medical cannabis and have to show my prescription for proof etc. Just don’t need hassle if people smell it and they won’t with this pouch!

Also it great if travelling as it stops the smell getting onto your clothes if you have everything in one bag. Just put your items in the pouch, seal it up and throw it in your bag with no worries about the smell.

If you are in the US or Canada, in some places you can take this bag to get your cannabis from the dispensary put in it rather than getting plastic or paper bags. You have to have your products in a sealed bag and many places let you use your own pouches. You just need to check first as it does vary. Just helps save the planet a bit without trying.

I highly recommend getting this case. It works so very well and is really high quality at a good price. There are other products at similar prices which are nowhere near as good quality. That will be why they have their guarantee as you can’t fail to like the products really!
Really love using it.

You can buy the Formline smell proof pouch on their site. They also have their own store on Amazon sites around the world.
This sized pouch is $25.99 but there are many other sizes and other smell proof products such as bags as well!

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