2021 End Of Year Catch up

I thought I would write a little post with an update about everything that has been happening recently in an end of year update for 2021.


My chronic pain has been getting worse and new pains have developed. I now have tendonitis in my foot too. He didn’t look at them so this is a diagnosis over the phone.
Been bad for a few months now but that is nothing compared to the chronic pain, but I still would prefer no new pains!

Medical Procedures

I am getting a colposcopy next week so not looking forward to that! I hope everything is ok once I get the results.


I am getting my first flu jab as I sent a letter in from a template on the ME Association website stating I should get them as I have chronic fatigue. He said no initially as he didn’t even bother to read it, but I spoke on the phone and he said yes even though he still didn’t read it. I told him why I qualify and he listened, or he just wanted rid of me which is possible. I hope that I get invited every year rather than just this year though as he didn’t say anything about that. Knowing him, probably just once! I hope not! A flu jab isn’t exciting but is something I should be getting, especially now.

Then have my booster Covid vaccine the week after that which I am dreading as it left me horrific for an entire day and night. Seeing as I don’t go out, the effectiveness is lower now plus you can still catch it and also the side effects are horrific for me (possibly due to multiple health issues) I would rather not get it at all, but seeing as they want everyone to get it, I will of course do so.

Things Needing Repair

I have had a lot of things unrelated to health going wrong after my boiler broke in November and now needs replacing with a new one as it is over 20 years old and broken.
The boiler is a well over a thousand pounds for a new one and I don’t have anything towards that so no idea when we can get that sorted!
Contacted some companies that help people in need with plumbing called Depher, but they don’t cover this area so can’t help me so I still don’t have a boiler replacement sorted and it could be years unless somehow I get the money for it which is about as likely as me turning into a pig and flying in the sky seeing as I can’t work and live on just £300 a month. So still not heating and haven’t for a couple of months now. It is freezing in the house constantly and I am housebound in it.


I am also now crowdfunding an electric wheelchair so would love your help.

An electric wheelchair would be a way to get out of this prison cell. It feels like a prison as I can’t go out so I just sit inside constantly. It is the most depressing thing in the world. I never see people nor speak to anyone outside of the house. It is awful and I hate it so much.
There is a lot of information on the blog post if you are interested, but there are no grants I can get for one and can’t get one of the NHS as they won’t give one for outdoor use only here.
If you can help at all, it would mean the world to me. This should last many years if I get one too, giving me lots of years of freedom!
There is lots of information on the blog post and the JustGiving page about it.

As you know I was crowdfunding my painkillers which I managed to raise just over 3 months worth I think it was in total, and then I ran out of crowdfund money back in October sadly. I managed to get a few months from it at least and it was bliss for my pain! I am devastated the money ran out for it as it really did help so much.
Medical cannabis is the only painkiller to really help me but I can’t get it on the NHS (only from private doctors) so I was reliant on help from others to get it from private doctors. The crowdfund page is still up but the money has all run out although if anyone did help me, I would still use the money for the best painkiller in the world! I would still love to get more so I can have less pain again as it was so helpful but I don’t think anyone else would want to help sadly.
Least a wheelchair will last me many years so the wheelchair is the thing I am trying to raise for. I will leave this crowdfund up for the painkillers but I am sure I won’t get anymore painkillers from that sadly.


My PIP was due to end in Aug 2022 but they asked for my renewal information in October this year. I got my letter through on Wednesday saying that I have the same amount until 2024. Still no high rate mobility.
I hate the PIP rules! They say I can walk no more than 50m but I said 20m as this is one of the main reasons I am housebound!
I read I can do an appeal BUT you do risk your current award too. They look at the whole claim again according to many sites such as Citizens Advice which is scary! I don’t have a wheelchair yet so hard to PROVE you can’t walk any further! I can’t even walk to the gate in the garden which is less than 20m away. If I push myself I can but I would be paying it for for days to weeks!!
You also have to include information if you appeal to prove your case. How do I prove how far I can walk?! The doctor wouldn’t provide anything without money, although they can see my medical record.
The stupid thing is it says they used the ESA medical assessment information to back their case. I never had a medical assessment, I had one over the phone!! (I don’t get ESA but I had to apply for it to get National Insurance credits).
I find the whole 20m/50m thing a cruel joke and I will be doing a blog post as to why. 20m, 50m is ALL barely able to walk! But 50m doesn’t get you the award for higher rate. I said 20m as I can’t even do 15m without severe pain and fatigue but how do you prove it!
I guess when I have a wheelchair it will be easier to prove my case. If I ever get one that is. I really hope my crowdfund for an electric wheelchair is successful.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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