My Current Situation And Issues

I thought I would write a new blog post with an update on the major issues that are going on in my life right now as it has been a really bad few years for me and it never ends!

No heating due to broken boiler

As you know I have no heating as my boiler broke in November 2021. A new boiler costs too much.
I have to wait to either get one free from a grant which there are none right now, there is one that has a fee of £400 which is hugely discounted, but other than that, there is nothing until the next financial year, later this year and even then there is application process and can take 12 weeks after that!

Obviously I just get a little over £300 a month total income which is all I can get.

It is the worst time of year for no heating as it is freezing. It broke the day a storm came in November 2021 and I had thick snow, -4c outside and 1c inside. Since then the weather is pretty similar most days. 3c-7c indoor temps, which is much too low to be living in along with chronic illnesses.

My doctor was very worried when I told him I have no heating as my health is worse with the cold but also it is dangerous to live in cold temps constantly but there is nothing I can do.

I contacted the council, my MP, citizens advice, done grant checkers, contacted energy suppliers and much more. There is nothing that can be done.
I even asked about the help that poor people are supposed to be getting from councils due to cold and energy prices, but they can’t help me. They said as I don’t get ESA I can’t get any help.
As you know, I get the national insurance credits from ESA, but I don’t get the money as I don’t qualify due to NI credits. (Please check about me page if you want more on that.)

Energy and food prices out of control

As you know energy and food prices have gone up massively. Last year energy went up 60% for me and another 50% increase is due along with another 20% increase in October!
I can in no way afford this.
I still get the exact same £300 a month no matter what. I don’t get an increase to cover the cost of living. I get no extra help at all.

Food prices are so high now!
I have 55p a day for food which used to consist of a small bowl of oats and UHT milk for breakfast/lunch around 1.30pm, then a small warm dinner around 6.30pm-7pm. It isn’t much and I am still hungry after it.
But now with the food price increase, the things I used to buy (which were always value/basics brand), have gone up as much as 40% already. Some more.
That means I will end up having 1 meal a day if that!

My boiler is broken so no heating anyway, but a choice of food or heat which isn’t a choice anyone should have to make in a first world country in 2022!

Electric wheelchair crowdfund stalled

I have my electric wheelchair crowdfund which I started just before Christmas 2021. I managed to get 6 donations and get to 7%, but after that it died off and haven’t raised anything since. It is still at 7% right now.

I have no way to get one as I am not eligible for one so the only choice is to crowdfund.
I have no way at all to get one, no relatives, no grants, the NHS can’t help. There is no way other than fundraising for it.

You can check out my crowdfund on JustGiving which has lots of information, photos and links, and I have a blog post on it also. It covers every possible question and has so much detail.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My £300 a month doesn’t cover living as it is and all these increases mean it is harder to being able to afford live!

If anyone ever wants to help me, please check out my support me page which has lots of ways you can help either free or non-free.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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