Cost Of Living Out Of Control And The Disabled Forgotten About

The cost of living has gone out of control but even more so for those of us who are already unable to afford to live on the little we get. Those of us disabled in England, are totally forgotten about and left to suffer.
Especially those like myself, who were screwed over by this Conservative government and not given enough money to survive off.

I couldn’t survive before the cost of living crisis, so how am I supposed to afford to live during it??

Food prices up as much as 70% for some things I buy, energy prices went up 60% in October 2021, then going up another 60% again in April 2022 and at least 30% more again in October 2022!
Meanwhile, I still get just the same little over £300 a month that I have for numerous years!

I am terrified! Honestly, terrified of the price increases!
I can’t afford them at all and this country is doing pretty much nothing to help as the rebate is repayable so that isn’t help!
I get no help at all. None! Not a penny! I can’t get warm home, cold weather payments, ESA, UC etc. I can’t get ANYTHING MORE.

How are we supposed to live when it is too expensive to survive?

I still am in the same situation I was years ago The amount I get which is a little over £300 a month, is the same amount I have gotten for a few years give or take a few pence.
I get, runs out faster as everything has gone up so much!
Last year I got a around 0.2% increase on PIP and it was around the same the year before that. Pennies more is all I get and that isn’t even remotely enough to cover the regular increase of the cost of living.

The government just assume everyone disabled gets ESA so they don’t do anything to PIP. I can’t get ESA at all as you might know (read about me for more info) so the little over £300 PIP isn’t enough to live on but that is all I get! This is why I ask for help in the form of a wheelchair crowdfund or general donations.
I have no way to get more money as I can’t work at all, don’t get anything from the blog. I do have ads but only earn money when people click them and it is just pennies.

The cost of living is so out of control that in reality I now I can’t afford anything.
I couldn’t ever afford rent on my £300 a month anyway so if I wanted to live somewhere else, I couldn’t. It would be the streets. Bills, food and medication which all together cost more than I get a month.
The government won’t help at all.

It wasn’t enough to live on and now it isn’t enough to survive on!
£300 a month wasn’t enough to live on in 2020, let alone now! But they won’t give us anymore. We are lucky to get 0.2% a year annual increase on PIP, which doesn’t even cover the regular rise in the cost of living every year, let alone what is happening now.

The £300 a month isn’t enough to live on at all this century! You can’t get rent anywhere for that, plus that is ALL I GET so I can’t use it on that as I need food, medication, bills etc. That is why I struggle so much.

As you might know if you read my blog, I can’t get any other benefits other than PIP which means my little over £300 a month leaves me unable to afford anything, let alone the extra cost in energy or food prices.
£300 is so little a month that it is classed as being in poverty. In poverty on the only money given to me by the UK Government. Shows how little they care.

What are we supposed to do??
Some of you who work might find this annoying but not worrying. For those of us who can’t work and live on benefits, this is scary. Especially to those of us like myself who don’t get enough benefits and are left in poverty. This is terrifying! Absolutely terrifying!

Heat or food = food, but what do you do when the food is also more expensive now too? That is how it is now!
55p barely does 1 small meal now whereas it used to do 2 small meals (one cereal). 55p now is one tiny meal.
My monthly £300 a month doesn’t cover almost anything anymore.
How am I supposed to cope?

I am terrified and I just wish I lived somewhere else.
Yes disability benefits aren’t great anywhere, but EVERYWHERE is better than England. I would get proper benefits if I lived anywhere else, not just one at £300 a month…
Plus I still pay for prescriptions etc. I don’t get ANY discounts or other rebates. No warm home or UC etc either.
Just my £300 a month and that isn’t enough to survive on.
Maybe if I died and someone blogged about it, then the government might listen but they don’t until it is too late.

There isn’t much we can do, but there are one thing you can and should do.
Contact your MP
Tell them how expensive it is to buy food, energy or petrol.
They will probably reply with a pre-written email. Reply back and make sure they know how unhappy you are. They have to pass this info on and it gets recorded and can change future legislation!
Don’t just moan, at least email your MP!
If I can do it in my state, you can too even if you do a little a day, write it out and email your MP.
This is the most important thing you can do and you should do this with anything that you are passionate about, which the government seems to not take seriously (which is a lot of things).
If you are unhappy with how things are, PLEASE email your MP.

This is why you should never ever vote Conservative and I beg you not to at the next election.
Any other party would have done more about the rising costs. Other countries have. Our government thinks a tiny repayable rebate is helpful. How is that helpful? I can tell you how. It isn’t!
If you take one thing from this post, please never vote Tory. I beg you. This is how they are. They only care about the rich and themselves so please, save a disabled life and never vote for the again.
If you disagree with this, then you are wrong. All those of us who are poor or disabled can tell you they don’t care and we are the ones that have to suffer.

If you ever would like to help, you can help in so many ways! Just check out my support me page.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I put lots of hours into the blog & don’t earn from it.

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