Repeat Prescription Monthly Nightmare

Getting prescriptions and having to get my medication delivered every month should be simple right? Wrong!

This is my experience for over 20 years.

I have numerous medication every month. I get it delivered as I can’t get there.

I can’t use the monthly repeat prescription because they only send out the repeat prescription items once I have hit the 4 week mark since the last pack. When a pack lasts 28 days and they only give you your new items every 4 weeks, so you can see the issue!
You end up with one tablet left and hope the delivery driver comes but most of the time he doesn’t and it is a long wait!
Then he doesn’t come.
You call and get told the items are out of stock OR he does come and some items come but missing an item with no note so I have no idea that item is missing so I have to check every order then call when there is a missing item. I keep telling them to add a note but they have only done it twice in over a decade!
Then days pass, still nothing. So I call and get told the wholesaler is hard to get through to so call again tomorrow.
Meanwhile the pharmacy didn’t bother to try to contact them all this time about it as they try, can’t get though so leave it.
Then if you have no medication left, they don’t care!

So I have to manually order every month instead as the repeat prescription is just too unreliable and leaves you with no medication left!
So I have to remember to order every month so I get in there in time. But again most of the time there is something out of stock that I order every single month (why don’t they just order more?) so I have to go through the process above.

This is every month and it is a nightmare.

Not sure if all pharmacies are like this or not.
It is utterly terrifying when you have no medication and it could be weeks before they get it! You could end up in A&E, let alone the side effects and other issues with stopping medication suddenly.

And what does the pharmacy do to help? Well just call the wholesaler. Nothing about calling other chemists etc which they can and have to do as part of the process. It is like they don’t know their own job.

Meanwhile we could end up in A&E because of no medication!

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