Why Troll The Disabled With Hate, Abuse & Endless Questions?

I am fed up of social media trolls who target the disabled with hate and abuse and the endless questions.

I am now taking a stand. I am going to stop writing replies to the repeated questions that are on my FAQ and about me, and just post my FAQ telling them the answer is there, or just not reply. I might even make a graphic I can post that tells them that so I don’t have to type anything!
I might even make a post that I give to them that explains why so I can just copy paste that and be done with it.

Pretty much anyone who is outspoken about disability and chronic illness will have experienced trolls and abuse on social media.
There are always trolls that either poke fun or the trolls that are much worse and give you hate and harassment. Much more severe than a regular troll.

I recently branched out to TikTok and made some short videos about my life as I had people who were interested so I thought, why not!
I got some trolls which are always going to turn up, but I also got abuse from some nasty trolls. So I turned off commenting as it got that bad after just 1 day!
I turned it back on after a few days, and decided not to read comments as was suggested to me by a few people who said “TikTok is the worst and you will always get hate. Just ignore the comments.”

So I did! I ignored the comments for maybe a week?

I then made the mistake of reading them a week later.

I found that I had about 70 comments with tons of questions which were the same few on repeat in the same video, and also comments saying I was avoiding answering their questions even though I had said that I can’t type or speak long so won’t be answering all questions!

So as I avoided reading the comments as suggested by numerous people, that meant some TikTok trolls took that to mean I was avoiding their questions, even though I hadn’t replied to anyone as I was not reading comments!
I even explained why I don’t reply to all comments and they ignored that and expected me to reply to them all with their constant questions. I even tried replying to some but they just kept asking more and more and wouldn’t go to the FAQ I kept linking in a hopes to save myself agony and days being bedbound from typing.
They don’t care.

Being a disability blogger we often get tons of questions. As someone who also “falls through the gaps” in regards to benefits, that means that I get asked more than most because my situation is different to most. I used to always answer them all, but I would get the same ones over and over and after 3 YEARS blogging and on social media, you get the same questions thousands of times.
Before I made my FAQ in a attempt to stop the repeat questions, I would get asked the same questions at least 10 times a day.

The whole point of my FAQ was so I can link it to someone to say here, go find your answer here, but instead 99% of people ignore the link and just keep asking.
Most of the time the person is abled, and yet they keep asking the same questions to someone disabled who keeps saying “I can’t type or talk for long due to severe chronic illnesses, please go read my FAQ or about me”, and they choose not to read it even though the answer is in there, they expect me to type it all out or speak it out loud!
I honestly hate when that happens. You could at least say “I can’t read it right now but I will later, thanks”, but nope, they either ignore I linked it and just keep asking questions, or they say they can’t read it and keep asking. They are choosing to cause hurt.

I made the FAQ and about me to answer your questions! I am so transparent and share so much of my life, but that isn’t enough for some. They want me in worse pain it seems.

I am not a robot here to answer all your questions! I am a human sharing the hardest things to talk about and I am even so transparent and even that doesn’t help!

I don’t have to answer anything! But I do and I even made it easy to read with a FAQ and about me and yet people prefer to just ignore that and cause pain.

One person must have asked a question while I wasn’t reading the comments over a week or so. They then assumed I am avoiding their question. I answered them explaining that I haven’t been reading comments because there are so many and so many are trolls.
Then they replied that they were “just trying to help.” If you were, then you wouldn’t assume things nor say I must be avoiding if I hadn’t answered, even though I hadn’t replied to ANYONE!

I hate assumption and think it is one of the worst things people do all the time.

I just hate that you get just for trying to raise awareness about disability, chronic illnesses and how easily it is to fall through the gaps as a disabled person in England.
I share my story and get abuse for it, or 50 questions where they refuse to read the answers elsewhere such as the about me or faq, and demand I answer all their questions or they keep replying to other random posts too asking their questions they asked 100 times before, even if I have answered it!

I would love to know why they do it. I wish one would be honest for 2 minutes to chat about why they do it.

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