Supermarket Shopping When Disabled

Supermarket Shopping When Disabled

Being housebound, chronically ill and disabled means that you either have to get help getting groceries from the supermarket or have to get them delivered. During the COVID pandemic, I have been unable to get delivery slots. This is still an issue where I live to this day even though the lockdown has currently been … Read more

Why Chronic Pain Plus Chronic Fatigue And Not Fibromyalgia?

Why Chronic Pain Plus Chronic Fatigue And Not Fibromyalgia

I initially wondered why I wasn’t diagnosed with Fibromyalgia seeing as I have chronic pain plus chronic fatigue, but there are some differences as to why it isn’t Fibromyalgia. I have suffered from severe pain for decades and only got a diagnosis in the last few years which was diagnosed as just “chronic pain” as … Read more

Government Support? What Support?!

Government Support What Support !

I thought I would go through that support I get from the government as I think some will be shocked because I know I am. I can’t work due to my disabilities and I claim PIP due to the severity of my chronic illnesses.I “don’t qualify” for Universal Credit nor ESA! I have checked on … Read more

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