What A Wish List Looks Like When You’re Chronically Ill

When you’re chronically ill, your wish list often looks much different to someone who is not chronically ill.
Some items you may see on chronically ill peoples wish lists and not realise why they have it there, so this might help.
Here are some examples from what a few chronically ill people including myself want or have wanted over the years and have been on many of our wish lists.

1. Health Supplements

Many people with chronic illnesses struggle to get a tiny bit of relief from there conditions even with being on prescription medication. There are supplements that can help with some things such as fatigue and mild pain.
I myself have various health supplements such as ginseng, Q10 and D-Ribose for the chronic fatigue. I have omega oils, turmeric, glucosamine and magnesium for the chronic pain and stiffness.
My fatigue and pain are extreme so the chance to relieve it even a little is important to me and many people get a little bit of relief with these.
You don’t expect miracles but when you have severe conditions, even a little help is a lot!
So if you see things like this on a chronically ill persons wish list, it is more than likely for this reason.

2. Massager

Massagers can give some temporary relief from pain which is something that everyone would like, not just people like me with chronic pain! Obviously they aren’t as good as the real thing, but they are perfect for an at-home massage.
I have a shiatsu massager on my list that I could use on my very painful neck and shoulders and also down my back. There is also a much more expensive seat type shiatsu massager that you sit on and it massages your back, neck and thighs which sounds amazing!
They all have heat too so you can heat up the painful areas for extra relief.
When you are in severe pain all the time, a massage can feel amazing!

3. Heat Pad / Hot Water Bottle

Heat can be helpful for pain, so I have an electric heat pad on my list which you can use in various areas; whether it be on your back, shoulders or thighs.
I use a hot water bottle all the time, but sometimes you are in bed with too much pain to go downstairs to fill the kettle or have pain in places a hot water bottle can’t be used, such as under your thighs, buttocks or for laying on. This is what an electric heat pad is good for. Heat pads usually time a set time before they turn off for safety so you can use one at night, knowing that it will go off after a set time.
Hot water bottles are brilliant for heat and are cheap to use as you just fill the kettle once for a couple of hours relief.
The YuYu bottle is my favourite hot water bottle as it is very long and you can also tie it around your waist so it doesn’t move about! Check out my review here.

4. Spa Treatment/Therapy

Now, this one is on many people’s wish lists I think! (Maybe the chiropractor is not for everyone)

For me, I would LOVE a massage on a regular basis as they feel so amazing and give a little bit of relief from the pain. Obviously this is impossible for me as it is much too expensive, but it is one of the best things for my pain and is the best feeling I have ever experienced.
If I had lots of money, I would spend it on a massage on a regular basis! Nothing feels so blissful. A total dream.
I would also love a chiropractic adjustment. I have never had a chiropractor adjustment, but I have read many people that have had good results.
Also, a flotation tank session as they are supposed to be incredibly soothing with some health benefits so this is something else I would love to try.

Massage/spa gift certificates are on many peoples wish lists! There are places like Treatwell that sell gift cards as well as massages and spa days so you can send a gift card to someone easily by just using their email address!

If anyone would ever like to donate one to me from Treatwell, the email to send it to is [email protected]

5. Weighted Blanket

This is one that many people would love to try as they are good for things like insomnia, stress and anxiety. They are wonderful and feel like very cosy and comforting. They definitely helped me sleep deeper and longer without getting up, and they made a difference to anxiety too. Some people have had some mild pain relief too.
I was lucky enough to get one to try out that comes with an all-season cover and I absolutely loved it! You can check out my review of the Koala weighted blanket here.

6. Cushions And Pillows

When you have chronic pain, it is hard to get comfortable and if you are like me, I spend all my time sitting or in bed due to the pain.
I have to have pillows that give me support and cushions to help relieve the discomfort. I have numerous pillows and cushions for sitting in a chair to give me extra comfort as even comfy seats get uncomfortable after sitting in them for many hours.
Many people like me have memory foam bed pillows, cushions and pillows for their chairs to help relieve the pain a little so many of us have these items on our wish lists for this reason.

7. Warmth and Cooling

For many chronically ill people, body temperature can be an issue and feeling cold or warm is a frequent issue.
Lots of us use things like slipper socks, blankets, fans, heaters, cooling gel masks and things like this for this reason. I myself have huge issues with feeling hot or cold and I can be in front of a fire one minute and the next with a fan!

8. Entertainment Items

Lots of chronically ill people spend a lot of time at home, or if you are housebound like me, you never leave the house and it is incredibly boring.
Entertainment is a big thing for many of us as we may not have anything else to fill our time with, so items that can entertain us help fill the plentiful free time.
Many of us either love movies and TV or gaming, so things like streaming services or video games are perfect.

9. Essential Oils

Essential oils have many uses as you may have heard. They also have many health uses such as being combined with a carrier oil and applied to the skin for things such as skin issues or muscle pain.
Various essential oils can do different things. Some are cooling on the skin, others warming on the skin which can be good for pain. The scent can also be good for relieving things like stress and anxiety. Some help you fall asleep, others help wake you up.
They have lots of uses!

10. Money

This is one everyone wants, but being chronically ill, many of us can’t work and money becomes an issue. I myself struggle on around £300 a month total income before any bills. I still have to pay for prescriptions too.
Many people like myself are struggling to survive and I don’t have any relatives to help. It is embarrassing to ask for money so many of us struggle in silence.
Everyone needs money to survive and the ones that can’t work and get limited benefits often need a little extra help.

2 thoughts on “What A Wish List Looks Like When You’re Chronically Ill”

  1. Great post! What a wonderful wish list!

    You’ve got so many great ideas here! After PT, I ordered myself a couple of the giant gel ice packs like they use there – I keep one in the freezer and one ready to heat up – they work great! And just last week, I bought an ice pack shaped like a hat for headaches – most people would think that’s really weird, but my son and I are excited about it! ha ha


  2. A really enlightening post. I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from a chronic illness; I really hope you are able to get some of the things on your wish list and that you can gain comfort from them. I agree that a spa treatment is on most people’s lists – I too would love regular massage, but the cost is just too much. I also would love to try floatation therapy! I’ve heard this can really help with stress which is a major cause of IBS (which I suffer from) and something I am really intrigued about as a gut health blogger.



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