Electric Wheelchair Crowdfund

As you might know, I am crowdfunding a wheelchair as I am housebound and unable to go anywhere due to being disabled and housebound.

I have been thinking of all the ways that I can go if/when I manage to hit my goal!
I can go to the park in summer which is exciting, I can go to the hospital without waiting ages for someone to come to push me around which often doesn’t happen anymore so hospitals are really hard for me to get around. There are so many things I could do!
Obviously I am still chronically ill so my health still would limit what I can do, but at least I could have some independence which is something I lost a long time ago which is very upsetting and hard on mental health.

As I mentioned on the crowdfund, I will be leaving this crowdfund open for as long as it takes as I desperately need a wheelchair and I can’t get one any other way. I hope it doesn’t take years, but I will leave it as long as it takes! That is how desperate I am for one. It is the only way I can live some form of a life and be able to go out when I want.

I started the crowdfund on Christmas Eve I think it was. I got 6 donations and then it died off.
I still check it every day, although I am trying to check it less seeing as it seems to have died.
You have no idea how embarrassing it is to ask for help, and even more embarrassing when the help comes and goes and you keep asking for help. Pretty much like this right now.
I wouldn’t be asking if I had any other choices at all.

I hate asking for help, but I have no choice. I have no relatives, can’t work and my £300 a month doesn’t cover living expenses let alone anything else.

If you live in a country that had lockdown during the Covid pandemic, you might have a very small insight into knowing what being housebound feels like. Well imagine being housebound 24/7 365 days a year plus imagine having no money so you can’t buy the things you need whilst being housebound. Being in pain and extremely fatigued every second. That might give you a slight glimpse into my life.

Being housebound long term is upsetting as it is lonely and depressing. I never see anyone outside of the house. Never talk to anyone as I have no relatives alive and I can’t go out.

I need a wheelchair so I can go out and have some independence and some form of freedom from this prison as being housebound with no money feels like prison!
I can’t use a manual one due to my chronic illnesses, so it has to be electric and has to be able to fold with a remote or one touch (as I can’t do it manually) otherwise it won’t get in the front door either.

I have looked for one for 3 years now. Tried every charity, grant, NHS, Facebook groups/marketplace, freecyle etc everywhere but there isn’t anyway I can get an electric wheelchair without your help.

I have absolutely no way to get one myself on my little over £300 a month.
If you check the crowdfund page, you will see all the things I have tried such as the NHS, council etc.

If you have read my crowdfunding blog post, you will know that I can’t get a wheelchair any other way. The only way is with the help of kind people on the internet.

Today I also added another example wheelchair to the crowdfund page. They are all around the same amount though as for the easy folding by button or remote is all very similar in cost.
The ones that fold with no button or remote aren’t useable as I personally need to be able to fold it down which I can’t for manual fold down ones.

I hate to make another blog post, but it has been 2 months since my first post about this, and seeing as it has been a month since the last donation, it would be nice to show that I am still trying to raise this money.

All money for the wheelchair will go on the wheelchair, delivery and set up as they have to be manually set up which they can do for a small fee.

If you want to read more or help me get an electric wheelchair, please check out the crowdfund on JustGiving where you can donate from anywhere in the world.
If you check out my support me page, you can find other ways to donate too! Just make sure you tell me the money is for the wheelchair if you donate on other platforms so I know it is specifically for the wheelchair crowdfund. I will log donations from other platforms and then add it to the total earned.

Thank you so much if you can help.
If you can’t help, please share my JustGiving post on social media. It really helps let others see the post who might be able to help.

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