What A Wish List Looks Like When You’re Chronically Ill

What A Wish List Looks Like When You're Chronically Ill

When you’re chronically ill, your wish list often looks much different to someone who is not chronically ill.Some items you may see on chronically ill peoples wish lists and not realise why they have it there, so this might help.Here are some examples from what a few chronically ill people including myself want or have … Read more

Why Chronic Pain Plus Chronic Fatigue And Not Fibromyalgia?

Why Chronic Pain Plus Chronic Fatigue And Not Fibromyalgia

I initially wondered why I wasn’t diagnosed with Fibromyalgia seeing as I have chronic pain plus chronic fatigue, but there are some differences as to why it isn’t Fibromyalgia. I have suffered from severe pain for decades and only got a diagnosis in the last few years which was diagnosed as just “chronic pain” as … Read more

Every 60 Hours

Every 60 Hours

Currently trying my Fentanyl patches every 60 hours. In the past I tried every 48 hours which got rid of the withdrawal between patches, but left my temperature all over the place and I am more sleepy. Only had 2 patch changes so far at 60 hours, and as expected the withdrawal (chills and sweating … Read more

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